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Fabulous West North Bali

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Fabulous West North Bali


Approximately: 10 Hour / Minimum 2 Participants

Each tour route on the island has its own characteristic. Going to West North direction is a tour composition of 70%  seeing the nature, a mixture between virgin jungles and mountain ranges, widest ricefield, combined together visiting phenomenal and historical temples and this is the day when it will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of discovering : Tanah Lot/Floating Temple on the Sea, Taman Ayun/Royal Temple, Jatiluwih Ricefield/UNESCO World Heritage, Traditional Balinese Market/Candi Kuning, Pura Ulundanu /Temple into the Lake, Bali Handara Gate, Banyumala waterfall, Wanagiri Hidden hill-Twin Lake

Tanah Lot
This site Tanah Lot is the hosting land for one of the famous temples in Bali whose name was
given after the area, which is situated in Beraban coastal village in Tabanan Regency, around 30 km North West from Kuta. The temple’s property consists of several secondary shrines located separately perching on lime rocky lands, some ample yards, a car park that is connected by a shop-walled foot path as the only access to the main area, whereas the primary temple itself sits pretty like in the ocean when the tide is in and has been so as sturdy over the centuries for no apparent logical reason. The thing what makes the place or the temple so interesting is that, besides its age (over 10 centuries) and uniqueness, the inset or layout of the temple is perfectly adjacent with the open Indian Ocean. So when the time arrives for the sun to set, it looks as if were sloping down right behind it, which is unbelievably gorgeous and always photogenic that many people flock in rush for best points of view.

Pura Taman Ayun/Royal Temple
Taman Ayun or Mengwi’s Royal Courtyard is a complex that houses a large group of family
temples whose area is divided into 4 main sections, each of which is protected by a demonic guardian gate and built as so for a special purpose. On the outside is a huge temple-area encircling pool (a rather pond) full of lotus flowers and plants. This temple’s compound is so complete with detailed features like those of the important ones found across the island such as the wooden drum tower, a fountain in every little pond, a communal hall, elaborate engravings along the temple walls and so on. It was preliminarily intended to only be a heirloom for any ancestral spirits-worshipping rituals among Badung Kingdom families, which is still going on to these days. Yet as for the location that is close to the main road for the usual route going to the north Bali and also its architectural appeal, it has become one of the most favorite places to visit in Bali and thus is open for public.

Alas Kedaton
A small acre piece of land on the left side of the primary access in the direction to the Tanah Lot Temple is a green forest conserved and sustained by local village organization to preserve the wildlife habitat for a group of monkeys and flying foxes. The place is called Alas Kedaton. This place still keeps its originality and spirit of what a true sanctuary should be and is therefore a must to visit.

Pacung Rice Terrace
Bali in the old time used to be the heaven for rice production besides the other important crops. Especially in Tabanan regency, people have since long cultivated their soil primarily for this and rely their lives entirely on it. It has fused well as so in their daily lives that the blend gives a nice color to the local rom the main complexes which lies right on the lower bed of the seashore is the most attractive one, especially when the water is high, because the impact will give an affect on how it looks, which was like floating. The temple itself is a symbol of perfect harmony that the area embraces three different religions (Hindu, Buddha and Islam) side by side and becomes a favorite recreational place for family to both locals and foreigners as it provides an ideal venue for some fun water activities or hangout only.

Baturiti Traditional Market
A few kilometers above Pacung village, you will arrive at Baturiti where there is a traditional
market right on the side of the bend. At glance it is no different from the other typical Balinese markets. But soon you will find out as swaying into that this is quite unique because it offers various types of nice tropical fruits, almost all fresh vegetables and indeed exotic flowers or plants too. Since Tabanan region is relatively more fertile area and many of its people work as farmers, they utilize this place as an appropriate display venue for their harvest.

Jatiluwih Ricefield/UNESCO World Herritage
Talking about mass rice production in Bali, that is Jati Luwih. Located rather secluded and
remotely in Penebel village – Tabanan yet is easy since the road access, this place has bloomed lately to become a prima donna for those who have been fed up with the modern-life feeding frenzy and therefore prefer such a tranquil nice atmosphere like in here, which can regenerate the good mood. There is almost no pace left without any rice fields – as far as your eyes can see, you will only see just a huge green mile to walk along. The daily average temperature falls about 20 Celsius degree, farmers down at their work in the singing of hundreds of birds, and the stillness of the realm far from the rush makes this place feel so special to be there.

Pura Ulun Danu/Temple into the lake
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, which is by etymology, “the temple for the central/vital source or spring of the lake Beratan”, is a temple located on a highland called Bedugul, around 1.239 meters above sea level with the main entrance faces to the main road connecting between south and north Bali and the core temple area that stretches on the west shore of the Bali’s second biggest lake Beratan. Since here is a relatively high ground, the climate is thus constantly cool from 17 – 22 Celsius degree. The temple features in general 4 main complexes that are dedicated for the trilogy of Hindus’ lords namely Brahma, Vishnu and Civa with their respective believed spouses. A broad courtyard from the main entrance to the temple complex is full of nice flowers and plants under giant trees. It also stores some historical artifacts including an important script dated back to its initial construction year (ca 1700 AD) which tells that it relates closely to the founding person of

Mengwi/Badung Kingdom – the same one who had the Taman Ayun Temple built, who dedicated it as a form of gratitude for being granted with endless prosperity to his people. One special shrine set apart

Bali Handara Gate
Not far from Lake Beratan Temple location further up north and on the right side of the road,
you will encounter a big gate – an entrance to a nice green sanctuary as well as a huge golf course, which is the icon of the area. This place is recommended as it is good for gathering, refreshing mind while seeing the long mountain range surrounding the area and also prefect spot for taking pictures.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills
Wanagiri Hidden Hills is a hilltop spot strategic to view three adjacent lakes belonging to
different regencies in Bali in more relaxed and enjoyable way. Its location quite higher than the surrounding and in the middle of the island allows you a perfect break point before continuing where else to go, as well as a nice place to watch the spectacular panorama of the other small lakes (Tamblingan and Buyan) commonly called the twin lakes right below as you might be sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee at your table set on the brink of a high green jungle. With the cool breeze and enough break taken is hoped to have refreshed your stamina and be back ready to carry on with the next plans.

Twin Lake
The twin lakes comprise two smaller sized neighboring lakes that lie in a seemingly one location when in fact each of them belongs to certain territory – one on the western side called Buyan is a part of Munduk village whereas the other on the opposite called Tamblingan is of Pancasari. Their coexistence makes up a superb view that can be watched from the top of a village called Wanagiri. There are some activities what people can do here like day jungle trekking, canoeing and treetop sliding.

Banyumala Waterfall
Still in the area of Wanagiri a few minutes down a small country side road, exactly in Banyumala village – which is already in the southern border of Bali’s North Regency Buleleng, people can visit a hidden paradise of multiple waterfalls in one spot. The location though lies deep in the forest and you must therefore walk a small steep kind of rough path for around 500 meters long. these typically mountain waterfalls consist of several big and small pouring streamlines that slide down the rocky wall until all the water gathers in one natural basin that is quite big and good to swim in. The place is really serene and surrounded by beautiful gorges that people who visiting here wouldn’t mind lingering a bit longer culture, for example a special rice house-like storage and long wooden stomper in every family house. Further up to the north, still a part of this special regency is a nice village called Pacung where you can still witness the remaining of the evidence. Vast rice fields stretch as wide as the horizon and form huge green golden terraces that the eyes of the gazing won’t stop marveling at.




*Minimum 2 Participants
*Duration: 10 Hour
*Cash on the Day IDR, USD, AUD

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