Bali is not just home to hidden beaches, but also a long list of yet-to-be-discovered waterfalls. Exploring these secret waterfalls will be the best option when you are not feeling the crowded places. For a refreshing retreat, check out the list of our 7 greatest hidden waterfalls in Bali that are guaranteed to restore your energy just by the sight of it.


Challenge yourself for an adventure at Sekumpul waterfall. This waterfall is famous for its own right, but its difficult access is what makes it still falls in the “hidden” category in our list. To get there, you have to prepare for some physical activity including traveling down through slippery steps and crossing a river before finally getting up close & personal with the waterfall.

Sekumpul in local tongue means “ a bunch of”, and infact, there are 7 waterfalls in total in this area. They are all scattered but together make for an intimidating and beautiful combination that is hard to beat.

The entrance fee is only Rp 10.000/ person, and don’t be shy to ask around for directions by the help of the locals. Once you are on the right path, you will see that the route is easily tackled because the road is quite well maintained. So, had up to the Sekumpul village from Denpasar to Singaraja Region, the ride is roughly 2 hours.


Image Courtesy of Rich Foster

Yet another waterfall awaits you in a remote and challenging area. The Nungnung waterfall is located in a small village in the middle of nowhere. To get there, you have to descent about 500 plus small steps to reach this beauty of 50 metre in total height.

What makes it worth the effort is how it is perfectly framed around the rice fields making it like a postcard from tropical heaven. To get there, you have to travel about 1,5 hours to Sangeh and seek for the signs to Nungnung. The entrance fee is cheap ( only Rp 3.000/ person) which you have to pay before you start going down the stairs.

 Image Courtesy of Ivan Leasa


Just over 10 kilometres away from Singaraja, Aling- Aling waterfalls boast the height of 80 metre in total and comes in not 1, but 2 gorgeous stream of thunderous water. This waterfall is especially popular for its “natural slide” that is form in between the twins so fittingly.

This place is slowly growing in visitors, but is still pretty quiet in low seasons. So slide to your heart content and enjoy plunging into the fresh water pond below.


Tegenungan is yet another unique waterfall in Bali that is located on the low grounds of the island. It is surrounded by verdant green forest and plantations, while the water drops heavily from high up into a small freshwater pond.

This place is usually visited by locals as there is also a temple for praying with a public bathing area. Once they are done with the praying, they will surely get the relaxation at this waterfall. You can too!


Blemantung or Blahmantung waterfall is tucked away in Tabanan among the luscious greeneries of coffee plantations. It has a daunting 50 metre height and makes for a perfect relaxation spot with a hint of coffee around you.

It takes almost a 2 hour drive from Denpasar to Pujungan village, but once you are in the right area, you’ll soon spot local signs pointing you to this beauty.Take a short walk around 200 metres and enjoy your coffee scented waterfalls.


Image Courtesy of Andrey B

Arguably one of local favorite waterfalls in Bali, Jembong waterfall is often overlooked because of its close proximity to Git Git waterfalls. In a way, this gives Jembong the upper hand because its beauty is still rather untouched. It is a waterfall with medium height, but has a curvy terrain with soothing water flowing in the middle of forest green. Definitely a peaceful place unlike any other.

To get here, simply walk past Git Git waterfall and ask for local help to get you there correctly.


Yeh Mampeh means flying water in local language, which is perhaps due to its tall height making water flies in such uncontrollably beautiful ways. It is located in the Les village, which is far from the normal crowd of Ubud and Kuta. There are several caves that make for awesome hang out spots when you’re here.

To get there, travel towards Singaraja and look for the Amlapura junction. Look out for signage that points to Les Village and pretty soon you’ll get yourself a taste of this flying water.


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