Leave trouble at home and go on travelling, or so you thought! Sometimes trouble follows you all the way to your holiday. Problems such as missing passports or messy flight schedules to upset tummy over new exotic foods can be a major disappointment to what’s supposed to be a fun moment in the sun.

Check out these 9 top traveller mistake that are quite common when travelling in Bali. Time to gear up!


When travelling to new places with its unfamiliar customs and language, it is definitely not the time to be ignorant ( not that there’s ever a time to be ignorant for that matter). Do a simple research and get to know the place a little bit more. You don’t have to do a full research launch, but get your basics and facts right. They will work to your benefit.


With the regulation to pay cash for visa on arrival for some nationals, you’d better come armed with some money. Depending on your nationality, expect to pay around USD 30 per person. For a hassle free entrance, get your cash ready as sometimes credit cards are largely denied.


With the cheap prices on souvenirs, you are very likely to end up with a lot of purchase by the end of your trip. That being said, make sure you have an extra slot in your luggage to lunge back all those gifts home.

Besides that, Bali is a tropical country and you won’t be needing much wardrobe. It is definitely not sweater weather, so don’t pack the wrong items.


Getting your money facts straight is one of the most important things before you travel anywhere. Avoid getting overcharged or paying extra money and you will be more confident in practicing your bargaining skills with the locals if you know your ground.


Traffic in Bali can be quite heavy and you may be wasting your energy and time honking down the packed streets. Our best advice? Hire a driver in Bali who will serves as your trusty guide. He will know his ways around town, the best and shortest route to get you to your destination while you relax and take a quick nap for your next outing.


Always act respectfully in the island of Hindu gods. Know how to dress modestly when you are not at the beach and use only right hands when you interact with the locals. Avoid stepping on the daily offerings that are lying around on the streets or pavements. All these manners are not difficult but serve a long way when you are in Bali.


Let’s be clear on this : When you are in Bali, eat all the local food you want. Eat it and go back for more if you want. Bali traditional cuisine that is available widely on every corner of the street is simply divine and affordable too. Do not worry on getting some tummy bugs, most of these vendors practice good hygiene. Unless the place is downright dirty or shoddy, you are good to go.


Remind yourself constantly that the tap water even in the most luxurious hotels is not drinkable. They will provide complimentary bottled waters on daily basis, so put this around the sink area to not mistakenly drink it directly from the tap.


You’ve come thus far, so what’s a little research can do to you? A lot. Bali is a magical place filled with beaches, volcanoes and grand mountains. Not just that, the lush rainforest and rice terraces await you along with all the traditional ceremonies, spa, massages, yoga class, art & craft markets and so on.

Make sure you have done your homework and the exact places that you simply cannot miss going. From partygoers, surfers, adrenaline junkies to family bringing kids, Bali always have something to offer for everyone. All you have to do is get to know it!

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