When is the best time to travel to Bali? When to visit Bali? It’s a a question we hear frequently along with What is the best time to travel to Bali? or When should I visit Bali?. This question is typically followed by What’s the weather like in Bali?

Bali is typically sunny during the day and gets balmy at nights. With warm and humid weather, the average temperature in Bali ranges between 26-31 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The dry season lasts from May to September where you will enjoy a tropical and sunny day. Whereas, the rainy season lasts between October to April with different level of precipitation levels and downpours.

Season-wise, Bali makes for the perfect all year-round travel destination. With plenty of favorite hotspots, Bali is a haven for sightseeing tours where endless of good places and things to see await for its tourists. Be it the hottest months or cooler ones, travellers still can enjoy their leisurely activities such as lounging in the sound or simply indulge in the richness of its culture and festivities. Most traditional festivals usually take place mid-year.

Best Time to visit Bali

The lowest levels of humidity in Bali are between May and August. This is when you get to enjoy cool breezes by day with fairly low temperature at night. These periods are good for long stays and sightseeing excursions. As the air gets pleasantly humid, tourists get to enjoy outdoor activities and overland tours without having to fear of overheating.

The famous kite season in Bali usually takes place sometime between June and August, or the so called the windy season. Not only that, many other cultural festivals also take advantage of this ideal season such as the annual Bali Arts Festival. The clear blue sky is at its best, many photo sessions see this as the perfect time as well.

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Low and Peak Season in Bali

While Bali is great to visit all year round with its stream and traffic of visitors, the common peak season is around Christmas and New Year ( late December to early January). The other peak season linked to dry season is between early July to late September.

Hotel bookings are usually at their lowest following the New Year, and from October through November. With lower rates, these hotels also offer many various promos and benefits for guests to enjoy. On road travel will also be more favorable with fewer traffic jams and quieter roads.

Sunniest Time in Bali

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If suntanning is one of your reasons to visit Bali, lazing on the beach under the tropical sun is best done in drier months between May and August. These are the times where Bali is sunniest starting from sunrise at around 5.50 – 6.25 am and sunset between 6.15- 6.45 pm. It will get more humid at the start of the dry season as humidity level reaches up to 75%, especially in the lower coastal area.

Some prefer to get to Bali’s cooler highlands with average daytime temperature of 21- 27 degree Celsius and drops quite significantly as the night approaches.

Wet Season in Bali

The wet season starts around October and can last through to April. Most of the downpours happen between late December to February. If you plan to hit the beach, you may get a little bit disappointed as its popular beach such as KutaLegian and Seminyak may tend to be filled with debris. These remains are mostly washed ashore from East Java causing the south-western’s beaches to be less pleasant for sightseeing. But fret not, SanurCandidasa and Nusa Dua will still be as charming as ever since they are only minimally affected by the downpour and winds.

All year-round of fun!

Basically, anytime or any season is still ideal for most leisure activities. However, it is important to note that outdoor photography and some overland excursions might be encountered with showers and grey skies. But other than that, Bali is still one of the most ideal places to visit regardless of its weather.

During rainy seasons can sometime be a surfer’s best playground and paradise, just as fun and entertaining as the dry season. Bottom line is, Bali weather will not let you down. The beaches and gorgeous sceneries are there to stay, with its genuinely warm and kind-hearted Bali people.  In Bali, you will always be up for many wonderful adventures, all year-round.

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