With the declining exchange rate in Rupiah, Bali has become an even more attractive to many foreigners. Regardless, prices can still be quite high in Bali when it comes to high-end restaurants and other entertainment options. To make your holiday in Bali more accessible and accommodating, follow these 10 budget tips in Bali :


Hunt for cheaper fares is one of the easiest and best traveling tips one can try. Australians usually get to enjoy discounted fare from most carriers from time to time every year. While other countries may find alternative routes from Jakarta, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur during low seasons. Waive for visa could also be a big plus to save up from visa fee.


Visitors should have learned one or two things about avoiding scams in Bali. Upon your arrival into Bali’s airport you’ll be met with a bunch of drivers, money changers, porters and other over friendly people promising you with best deals and offers. Watch out for these people as they will wait for when you turn your guard down and trick you off. Always try to go with metered-taxi to avoid price haggling you won’t be sure to win.


In Kuta, Legian and around Denpasar is where the more available staying options are. Other cheap local guesthouses can also be found in Sanur and Ubud. With their prices, you’ll be looking at basic lodging that is good for a night’s sleep. The rooms range from no fan to complete air conditioner with as low as around USD 10 to USD 17. Be aware of hotel deals that offer free night stay as they will compensate it with other pricing strategies.


Needless to say, you’ll need to avoid fancy and upscale dining options such as the modern fusion Asian eateries, Japanese sushi restaurants or French and Italian cuisines. Going local is best when you want to save up. With tasty and delicious nasi goreng, you can find street food as low as USD 1 or mixed rice for nothing more than USD 2.


Grab for local beers from the mini mart and head out to the beach instead of going to the expensive hotspots in Bali. With your drinks in hand and music from afar, the same view can be enjoyed from the free front seat of the ocean overlooking the same sunset. Also, look out for great value happy hours that most bars offer at certain time of the day.


Taxi is relatively cheap in Bali, but if you’re really on a budget, opt for other public transportations such as the Trans Bus. Mostly, locals use this to get around and cost less than 50 cent per transit. You may also try the motorbike rental they are cheap as well as easy to get. Always put on your helmet and prepare your license to avoid having to bribe during police inspections.


The beaches won’t require you to spend a dime, as well as other natural mountain area or rice fields. The entrance to temples or royal palaces is very cheap and sometimes also doesn’t need any pay. You can also enjoy art performances in their local community centers called Banjar. The famous annual festival or Bali Arts and Bali Kites is also free of charge for you to enjoy. If you are around during the New Year, you’ll be treated with local festival involving many local communities in ogoh- ogoh parade.



You will find many things in the shopping streets of Bali. Just remember that while they are super cheap, knock-offs from original brand won’t last you long. And if you do find the thing that you like, don’t be afraid to do some price bargaining. Start from a third and the sellers will be more happy to partake in this back and forth negotiations. Artwork and handicrafts are relatively affordable too, go to fixed-price shops to avoid the hassle of haggling if you prefer..


Forget walking into massage parlor or luxurious spa treatments, and get your relaxing treatment done on the beach. These local ladies or beach masseuses are generally quite skilled and open to price bargain.


Ask for free shuttle service to airport transfer from your accommodations, as even the budget ones also provide it. For you who are staying in Tuban or South Kuta, walking to the airport seems to be a logical choice if you are up for it.

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