Not only home to interesting spots, rich traditions and unique Hindu cultures, Bali is also a hot destination for daredevils all around the world. Adventurers who seek challenges and adrenaline rush should head straight to Bali for an unforgettable exciting experience. Check out 10 of the best extreme sports that you simply have to try when in Bali.


How would you like to get a taste of flying in the sky of Bali? Being on top of at least 10 metre above the ocean is made possible by paragliding or is also famously called, paralayang. There are several locations you can visit to enjoy the pure sensation of paragliding, such as CandidasaMount Batur and Timbis. We found out that the later is the most exciting as the wind is especially suitable for this activity. The spectacular view among you will be well worth your fear, so soldier on and don’t give in to it!

As soon as you are among the birds, you will soon be amazed with the panoramic nature of Bali from different angles. From extreme height, enjoy the exotic combination of long stretches of white sandy beach, hurling waves of the ocean, and majestic cliffs along with greenery from the forest. The temple complex of Uluwatu will complete this magical view.

The best time for paragliding is when the sun is about to set. Bukit Timbis will be amazingly gorgeous from the height with the company of the sunset as the perfect background for the beach below. If you are not yet convinced, you may ask for the paragliding instructor to take this flight with you. His experience will leave you in the good care, and you can enjoy it all in peace.



Yet another unique water sport that is getting the hot rave at Tanjung Benoa : Flyboarding. This extreme sport is brought to limelight by Frank Zatapa – the world jet ski athlete. Using a special board that is powered by 200 pk water pressure, you will soon be able to hover and fly above water. What’s more interesting is that the board is attached to a jet ski that is ready to perform its best maneuver moves.

For beginners, standing on top of this flyboard will be quite a challenge. You will need to concentrate for full balance especially when you’re about to mount it. However, if you manage to tackle this challenge, you will soon enjoy the exciting sensation of standing 5 metre above the sea. Moreover, you’ll be looking especially cool when you post your poses on your social media!

For you true daredevils, use your flyboard to make extreme moves such as jumping in the air of a backflip. Feel the adrenaline rush!


For those of you who love to explore the nature, it is simply a must to get a taste of canyoning at Bali. One of the best canyoning locations in Bali is at Gitgit, where you can explore the various contours of the cliffs, track through the muddy and steep terrains, cross pass the heavy river stream by boat rafting and even make a flying fox leap between 2 hilly rocks.

This is one of the most challenging activities during canyoning and makes for a chance to prove that you are the real daredevil in the exploring world. You will also have the opportunity to make a jump from the height of the waterfall and land smoothly in the clear water of the river. Don’t miss out on having a fantastic adventure ride at Gitgit Bali.


What can be better than being inside the rubber boat among the heavy flow of Telaga Waja river and the exotic scenery of eastern side of Bali. As you drift through the wet and fast flow of this river, release all your excitement and scream out loud when you plunge down the dam water as tall as 5 metre. This extreme ride will sure to be the ultimate stress reliever for you.

The amazing view of Telaga Waja itself will give you a sense of calm and relaxation. Don’t take our words for it, go and be amazed yourself.


Aling- aling waterfall is the recent tourist destination at North Bali that is rising in its fame. The exotic panorama consists of steep hills, crystal clear water and lush green trees. This tranquil setting seems to clash with the riot you will soon have when you are jumping or sliding down the top of the waterfall. Perched at 12 metre height, you will dive into a refreshing pond right under it.

This waterfall has also created the best natural water slide one can ever imagine. Slide down it and run your fingers through the churning water accompanied by the thunderous yet melodic sounds of waterfall.


There is a new and unique activity you can try out at Nusa Dua, especially for those of you who would like to get a taste of surfing. While you won’t be surfing among the big waves of Bali beach, you will still enjoy a real sensation that is not much different at Surf and Turf Nusa Dua. You will also be in the good hands of the experienced instructor who will ensure you the perfect surfing techniques. Eternalise your daredevil moment on surfboard and be sure to do some cool poses!


If you deem skateboard and surfing to be too mainstream, how about trying wake boarding at Tanjung Benoa instead? This cool and new watersport combines the thrill of skateboarding and surfing in the sea in one exciting package. Standing on top of a wake board while holding a piece of rope attached to a speed boat, you will be pulled at the speed of 25km/ hour. You will definitely scream for joy and beg for another round soon as you finish.

There is also a new service of this particular watersport in Bali that uses cable system to add to the fun of wake boarding. Hooking the cable to the tower, you will be pulled along with your wake board, without using any jet ski. This system is a clever strategy so that wakeboarders will not have to rely on the weather or waves to enjoy the fun.


Almost similar to rafting, water tubing is an extreme sport that uses rafting boat that can only fit 2 persons at one go. So imagine screaming on top of your lungs during the heavy flow of river water but you are probably doing it alone! At most, you will have one other companion or the water rube instructor during this adventure.

The terrain of Payangan river is stunning and breathtakingly natural. It also resembles a narrow slide made from the wonder of nature. Along with the heavy flow of river water, your heart will be pumped to the max, so remember to prepare your lung capacity for extreme screaming.


Ubud is famous for its art performances or painting gallery, but there is still one excursion that is far from the art world. Introducing you to the wonderful ride of ATV at Ubud’s steep, muddy and bumpy terrains. With the off-road sensation, you will be taken on adventure of using a 4 wheel vehicle to ride past the beauty of Taro Village of Ubud. Be sure to bring an extra change of clothing because the mud and dirt of this adventure will quite be the highlight of the trip.



One of the best diving spots in Bali is located at Manta Point, Nusa Penida island. This diving spot is extremely interesting as you will encounter many of the manta ray fish that are swimming in the water all year round. This creature is a friendly fish that can cozy up to divers; they especially love it when the bubbles from the diver’s oxygen tank tickles around them.

This spot is also filled with planktons and if you happen to be lucky, you’ll meet with the giant Mola- mola fish with the size of 5 metre in total. They are also friendly fish animals that love to swim to the surface to greet divers and have a little sun-tanning session!

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