1. It ‘s a mix of everything wonderful

It’s not a wonder to have Bali in the list of the best island in the world. Bali has long been the perfect example of tropical island paradise. Indeed, this heavenly place does have everything one could ask for.

Bali is a popular choices for surfers and beach enthusiasts. It is also the home to central tropical forests with ridiculously amazing temples and palaces at Ubud. Not to mention, it boasts the wonder of rich rice terraces at Jatiluwih, complete with volcanoes, diving spots and river suitable for all rafting adventures. Overall, Bali is a mix of cultural and natural aspects that will charm even the most jaded of travellers.

The Hinduism traditions are obvious in every inch of Bali, from their daily offerings to Saka new year aka Nyepi which leaves the island in a total shutdown including airport. With a rich blend of Hinduism at the heart of Bali, the people are genuinely warm and friendly making it a welcoming ground for foreigners. Artists are everywhere from the small lanes to the deepest valleys in the villages, armed with their soulful old tradition of art and world class craftsmanship.

On the southern areas of Bali is where you will witness the rapid development of Bali’s modern world. House to endless international and best restaurants in South East Asia along with thriving fashion scene for urban tourists. All this is also supported by the sustainable Green School and Green Village at Ubud which proves the importance of green living on the island.

While some may argue that other places are much better than Bali, one has to admit that Bali has the right amount of basically everything. Sun, surf, sea, spirit and smiles, Bali is truly one unique complete wonder


Image courtesy of Chang’r

2. Fascinating and rich cultures.


Melasti: Image Courtesy of Bram Vera Family

Nothing can quite captivate the modern hearts like the old and authentic Balinese cultures. Invoking imagination, Bali offers the traditional cultures to the modern world in a rich setting. Ancient customs and religion are persistently unchanging with strong uphold to its Hinduism philosophy. Balinese truly respects the balance of living in harmony with humans, nature and God.

The root of Balinese Hinduism dates back to the 5th Century and has long remained since then making it the only Hindu island in the world. Balinese Hindus worship a range of gods and unique deities which makes it different from the Indian Hinduism.

These beliefs are applied in their everyday life, as evident to the constant presence of offerings and daily ceremonies all island wide. On special events, the cultures and traditions are even richer and go all out such as Melasti.

3. Sun and Sea


Image Courtesy of Hairi

The entire island of Bali is the perfect surfer’s paradise. Its variety of waves and waters make it one of the top destinations for surfers from all over the world since 1970’s. Ever since the discovery of Bali’s Uluwatu by an Australian director – Alby Falzon- who filmed the surf film ‘Morning of the Earth’, Bali has never been short of visitors. It is also filled with surf schools, camps and shops to cater to every type of surfers from beginners to advanced.

Diving and snorkeling in Menjangan and Lembongan is also an activity that is loved by many. For those who are looking to spend a lazy day on the beach, Bali has all the warm sands and warm sun for you as well.

4. Shopping Paradise


Image courtesy of Sookie

Not just your usual modern shopping, Bali provides many artworks by artists and magnificent handicrafts by local artisans. When you are in search of something authentic, look no more than the valleys of traditional markets for batiks, silver, jewellery, paintings, woodcarving items and many more.

In the middle of the town, there is Ubud market with its popular modern choices. It is clean and welcoming but filled with hustle and bustle of bargaining activities. You can find your fashion choices of sarong, souvenirs and other general handicrafts. At south of Bali, you get to see textile Kungklung Market and Denpasar Market with other authentic market experience.

The upscale area of Seminyak is packed with boutiques and high -end shops but still offer something unique that will worth your spending.

5. Full culinary ride


Image Courtesy of Brian Bennett

Don’t be surprised if you encounter a scrumptious breakfast for amazingly cheap prices and have to fork out your money for some expensive wonderful dinner on the same day.

Walking around the streets of Bali , you will see street vendors with their food carts selling tantalizing snacks and grills, especially their grill corn. Other great choices of cheap food are bakso, variety or rice, satay and noodles which you can find at almost every corner of island.

On the other hand, Bali also hosts a collection of world class and award winning restaurants with lavish and posh buildings. These are the professionals of culinary wonders who will roll out menu after menu that is nothing short of extraordinary.

6. Investment opportunities


Named to be the 3rd highest growing luxury housing by Knight Frank, Bali is highly desired location for properties and residences. For business travellers, Bali is a potential market for developing property investments which is especially ideal for second homes and vacation dwellings.

There is also a downside to this rapid development which is predicted to be the possible future fallout for southern areas of Bali such as Seminyak and Kuta. Many speculations arises among its investment values, which is why you will have to do proper research if you are ever thinking of owning a piece of Bali’s land.

7. Affordable prices


Image Courtesy of Bindalfrodo

With the fluctuating current exchange of Rupiahs, Bali has become the best place to spend and stretch foreign dollars. Named as the best value in long-haul destination by London Times, Bali is suddenly open to younger tourists and other budget travellers in the world. Bali can continually hold its crown as the best value travel destination for a long while.

8. Dramatic and soulful temples


Image Courtesy of Riza Nugraha

When you’re in Bali, the presence of rich Hinduism is evident in the island’s many temples. From Besakih, the holiest temple, in the centre of Bali to others such as Uluwatu and Bedugul. They all serve to guard the island and chase away evil with its spiritual force. They also happen to visually enchanting, magical and exotic at the same time. That being said, a temple visit is simply a must to explore Bali in its full glory.

9. The movie experience of Eat, Pray, Love


All thanks to Julia Roberts, Bali now has its own piece of Hollywood and that is the movie “ Eat Pray Love”. Everything you’ve seen in it exists in Bali, from its rice fields, alternative therapies, retreats, yoga and raw food. Much like Liz, many swarm to Bali for a piece of soul searching and healing. The famous healer in the movie has long increased his fee along with the movie’s success and has no shortage of visitors ever since.

Since then, many tourism packages that revolve around soul healing have been offered everywhere. For more authentic experience, get to any Balinese mangku or priest who will take you on a spiritual journey to sacred site like Tirta Empul.

10. Endless party scene.


Welcome to the Ibiza of Asia, where party lasts all night in the scene of luxurious beach clubs and bars. Try Ku De Ta, Potato Head, La Favela and La Laguna to get a taste of Bali’s riotous and wonderful nightlife. International DJ’s often entertain in these places churning hip songs while partygoers can chill in swimming pool or lounge in the lavish settings. Bali is not likely to stop grooving anytime soon, so you might as well head on there and join the party.

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