made_bali_traveloThere are always a lot of ways to travel when you want to go on holiday. Some people might prefer to travel in groups with large numbers of other people. While, some people love the idea of close bonding in private tours. Both of course, present interesting advantages and benefits.

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At, we cater to private tours for family and friends who want to explore Bali in all its glory. While there are many private tour services in Bali, we believe that we can bring to you a quality experience with our knowledge and experience unlike any other.

Here are 10 reasons why will make for the best private tour experience:
  1. Full Itinerary Control provides tailor-made itineraries that are flexible and designed to meet every unique traveller’s budget, needs and schedules. As you lose yourself in the wonder of Bali, we understand when our customers want to change their original plan. Which is why, private tours allow you the complete control with you being the main person in charge. If you feel like resting instead of going out or prefer to linger in the beach rather than head straight to other places, we will be more than happy to oblige to any unplanned diversion. The only way to enjoy Bali is to take the time to appreciate the beauty and nature around you in your own terms, when you like it and just how you like it.
  2. Travel with ease
    All our Bali drivers and guides are seasoned staff who know Bali like the back of their hands. Ready at your base each morning, we use the most of our local knowledge in traffic, shortcuts, parking lots and best drop off points to ensure the minimal amount of traveling time with safety in mind. Self-driving can put a strain on your leisure time as you will spend much time on figuring out how Bali roads work. Leave it to the hand of our professionals who will also charm you with their details and facts of everything in Bali.
  3. Better Time Management
    There is a big difference between private tours and large group tours. Very often, you will have to spend most of your time waiting, queueing, and sitting around to get the group moving. This is what we call “ dead-time” or “ idle-time” and they are not at all fun. With Bali Travelo private tours, you go at your own speed in the front row at all times. This will save you from frustration and a lot of time.Instead, you can get to learn and know more about Bali by asking our trusted drivers and guides.
  4. True Traveling Experience
    At, We encourage tourists to come up with specific requests before a tour. At the same time, we are also ready to dispense recommendations of the best and newest alternatives that interest you. Bali is constantly growing and it is not just all about beaches or other famous strips like Kuta or Seminyak. It is full of secret locations that are yet to be explored by mainstream tours and only the most qualified guides can show you these hidden spots. Along an experience guide, you’d be sure to experience the extraordinary Bali unlike any other regular or average tourists.
  5. No Time Delay
    Traveling alone can mean longer with plenty of indirect journeys. On the other hand, the frustration of having to wait for latecomers in large groups is intolerable. Time is of the essence when you are traveling. Needless to say, if you want to maximise your traveling time, private tours are clearly the answer. A bali guide and driver who understand how precious time is to tourists will ensure as little time mismanagement as possible. At Bali Travelo we have learned to manage time as creatively as possible, which has enabled us to travel to and from your base to your desired destinations of the day at a time and speed to suit your need.
  6. Best Value for Money
    A common perception that persists is that private tours might be out of reach for those who travel on budget. However, if you compare the total transportation expense for your family or friends, you will be surprised to find out that private tours will give you the best value for your money. The real priceless experience that people seem to forget into account is, how much time you will be saving in private tours. In fact, people sometimes end up paying more for additional travel destinations that are not included in the original group plan. The real value lies in the quality time you will be spending and how much more you will be experiencing with Bali Travelo private tours.
  7. Excellent Travel Companion
    Every business that comes through the door of is a personal one. Our passion and dedication to serve is genuine in making sure that Bali lives up to its name. With our friendly service, we go by the reputation of the most pleasant service around. We share Bali insight and details because we simply love what we do and we hope to spread the spirit to all our customers. At the end of our service, our success is only measured by how the private services we provide have blossomed into friendships with people all around the world.
  1. Best Entertainment Choices.
    Whatever you want to do for fun of the day, our BaliTravelo private tour drivers and guides know just all the right places. Pointing our guests to the right direction to shop, dine and entertain themselves is a part of our commitment in work. We know how purchasing souvenirs in authentic local and traditional markets will give you diverse choices with affordable pricing and quality. We’d love for you to find out all the local eateries, little- known delicious bistros, quaint hidden cafes to the newest must-try restaurants. All you have to do is simply tell us what’s in your mind, and we’ll simply deliver.
  1.  Local Experience
    Only in private tours can you enjoy the genuine and original encounter with Balinese culture. Meeting with Balinese and experience local ethnic traditions can be a wonderful part of your Bali journey. You will get to learn more through chats with BaliTravelo drivers and guides to truly understand Bali and connect with it history.
  1.  Excellent Family Travel Companion
    Stritch itineraries of group travels often will not be suitable for kids. To ensure a hassle and fuss free holiday time with the kids, book a private tour with BaliTravelo. Knowing that long rides can take a toll on their stamina, we learn to be patient and understanding with kids. With knowledge on kid-friendly spots in Bali, we can help arrange child-centered itineraries that will benefit you and your kids.

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