Bali Largest Waterpark, Waterbom-Bali :

Waterbom-Bali is a vast area of gardens and pools complex that designed carefully into a beautiful and comfort recreation place for families. Waterbom-Bali has an area of 3.8 hectares with a beautiful tropical garden setting and using traditional Balinese architecture. That makes the Waterbom-Bali as the biggest water recreation in Bali Island. Although Waterbom-Bali has a traditional architecture but it use advanced technologies so no wonder if a lot of tourists will visit the Waterbom-Bali while they are in that exotic island. It is a perfect place to spend your holiday with your family in Bali Island apart from the beautiful beaches and other tourist attraction in Bali. The Waterbom-Bali also has a large parking space so you can park your car easily not far away from the location. It has the capability to accommodate up to 1000 people and has the feasibility and safety standards of international level by using advanced soft salt klori that doesn’t impact the surrounding environment. It is also harmless to the skin. There are a lot of facilities that you can find here in Waterbom-Bali such as House Cafe Pump, Wet Cafe and Bar, Gazebo, Merchandise Stores, Digital Photography service, Eurobungy Trampoline, Soul Asylum Reflexology, and also The Dome.

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