You may have noticed that all of temples in Bali island have its own uniqueness and that’s why, Bali always become a charm for domestic and also foreign tourists. One of the unique temples in Bali is the Uluwatu temple. But there is a strange thing when you are visiting this temple, which is the location of the temple. The Uluwatu temple is located in a not common place. Usually people will build a temple in a safe and reachable place, but the Uluwatu temple is located on the edge of Bali island on top of a big cliff above the sea with big waves.

uluwatu temple
Image Courtesy of Steve Davidson

Uluwatu Temple- Famous Tourist Attraction in Bali

The word of Uluwatu was taken from the Sanskrit language which means as “top of the rock” that related to the location of this temple. If you are visiting this temple, you can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and also the religious atmosphere of the temple.

Other than the very fascinating sights on this temple, you can also watch a Balinese typical dance which is the Kecak dance. This dance is played by about 50 to 100 dancers dominated by men. While sitting in a circle, these men shout “cak..cak..cak ..” to each other that cause a beautiful sound. The dancers use ‘Kamen poleng’ while performing and the dance itself is telling the story of Ramayana.

kecak dance at uluwatu
Image Courtesy of Graeme Churchard

uluwatu kecak dance
Image Courtesy of Graeme Churchard

What You Can Find in Uluwatu Temple?

Before entering the temple courtyard, visitors are required to wear ‘Kamben’, the customary fashion of Bali, which is a fabric that’s applied like a long skirt to the ankle with a scarf tied at the waist. This dress is a Balinese traditional clothing that must be worn when you enter any temple courtyard in Bali.

When would enter the temple, you will be greeted by magnificent temples that resemble the curved wings of a bird. Arriving in the middle of the temple, you will pass in front of the temple brackets where you can see a Ganesha statue (son of devas siva). But the non Hindu is not allowed to enter the main part of the temple to keep the sanctity of the temple.
uluwatu temple sign
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Pura Uluwatu is populated by some animals such as monkeys, these animals tend to be quite mischievous because they are often bothering the tourists who come into the temple. So if you want to visit the Uluwatu temple, it is best to keep your belongings, because the monkeys often unconsciously take your belonging. There are many cases that tourists lost a pocket camera, hat, sunglasses even gold necklaces and bracelets that were taken away by a monkey.

uluwatu temple monkey
Image Courtesy of ePi.Longo

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