See Amazing Things at Ubud Traditional art Market :

The Ubud traditional art market is a well known market in Bali. It is so famous even to foreign countries. Here, you can actually find so many things from the daily need items until cute and unique souvenirs. Not only you can find great items in this market, but the hundreds merchants in this place offering them to the customers with a cheap and negotiable price. It is no secret that you can do bargain in here to get the cheapest price for the items that you want to buy.

The Ubud traditional art market is divided into 2 area which is the Ubud Art market that is located in the west area and the Traditional Ubud market itself. At the Ubud Art market, you can find sp many merchants that sell Bali arts and handicrafts such as Balinese sandals, Balinese shirt, paintings, unique mirrors, or even unique key chains. You can buy high quality souvenirs with best prices here. So, it is highly recommended.

ubud tradional art market

The second part, which is the Ubud traditional market, sells daily goods such as vegetables, rice, fruits, meats, and poultry. Etc. The open hour between the Ubud Art market and the Ubud traditional art market are different because the Ubud art traditional market only open from morning until noon only. Here, you can bargain all you want until you get the price that you wanted. But remember one thing that these merchants are great opponents in the bargain case.


If you want to visit this traditional art market, you will only need to go to Ubud Main Street at Gianyar district in Bali Island. You can either use car, public transportation, or simply hire us to be your bali private tour driver, The best time to visit this place is when you almost ended you vacation in Bali where you have spend your time exploring Bali and now it is time to buy souvenirs to your friend and family. Enjoy your shopping!

Image Courtesy of : garann & Walter Lim

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