The Beautiful Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is one of the beaches in the coastline of Uluwatu Regency in Bali. This beach is located in Pecatu district. The Balangan beach has a white sand that surrounded by the limestone cliffs and it is easy to…

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The Mushroom Beach in Nusa Lembongan

From various beautiful beaches in Nusa Lembongan Bali, there are only 2 main beaches in this small island and one of them is the Mushroom Beach. This beautiful beach is a well known beach beside the Dream beach in Nusa…

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Dream Beach at Nusa Lembongan

If you ever heard about the Dreamland beach in Bali, well, this Dream beach is located still in Bali but in different island. In Bali, there is a small island called Nusa Lembongan at the south of Bali island. What…

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