Top 7 Greatest Hidden Waterfalls in Bali

Bali is not just home to hidden beaches, but also a long list of yet-to-be-discovered waterfalls. Exploring these secret waterfalls will be the best option when you are not feeling the crowded places. For a refreshing retreat, check out the…

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11 Hidden Beauty For You to Explore in Bali

When you are tired of the mainstream and common tour package suitable for first timers, it is time that you start the search for something that really defines Bali at its finest : The hidden/secret/rare spots of Bali. The extraordinary…

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Places to Eat: 10 Local Food You Must Try in Bali

When in Bali, never miss the chance to try out their local Balinese food. The most recommended place to visit is the warungs of Bali vendors, offering simple roadside dining spots and their special local cuisines. With authentic vibes, warung…

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Top 15 Budget Fun Ideas to Try When in Bali

Holiday is the time for the ultimate fun, but of course, budget always comes in as a major factor. In Bali there are plenty things to do and everyone must have different preference when it comes to enjoying their time….

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10 Money Saving Tips When Holidaying in Bali

With the declining exchange rate in Rupiah, Bali has become an even more attractive to many foreigners. Regardless, prices can still be quite high in Bali when it comes to high-end restaurants and other entertainment options. To make your holiday…

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