One among the appeal of Bali is a unique musical ensemble. An ensemble with a unique sound and a rich variety is called Gamelan. That is the musical accompaniment of various types of performing arts, rituals and other important events in Bali. Type gamelan made of filigree metal, among others are Semara Pegulingan, Gender, and Angklung (Kelentangan). One of the few villages that make these ensembles is Tihingan village in District Banjarangkan.

In the village of Tihingan, the manufacture of gamelan is starting from manual labor to experts that specifically to harmonize these gamelan tones. There are two groups of gamelan makers that (gong pande people often call it) is very experienced. Almost all the gamelan in Bali produced by the two groups.

Tihingan village is located about three kilometers towards the west of downtown Semarapura. From a tourist attraction Kertha Gosa or Monument Puputan Klungkung, you can achieve this village by cars or motorcycles for around eight minutes to the west following the main road. Arriving at the intersection of five in the middle there is a statue of Goddess Saraswati, continue to take the straight road leading to the West.


Although a very important role over the centuries to the sustainability of the arts in Bali, Village Tihingan not placed in important positions within the tourism of Bali. Therefore, until now the village is not equipped with adequate facilities as a tourist attraction. There are no public toilets, souvenir stalls, food stalls and drink, lodging, and special parking area there.

Currently, travelers who come to this country are those who deliberately visited the village Tihingan because they are interested in gamelan instruments to be brought into their country. Another visitor is a group that provides an alternative tour package of visiting unusual and  interesting places that rarely visited by travelers in general.

To make a complete set of gamelan (commonly called a barung) consisting of jegogan, jublag, pemada, magnolia, reong, and kempur, it takes about three months. The price of a barung gamelan reached to IDR 200 million, and even more.

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