Bali has always been one of the top places to visit in the world for perfect holiday getaway. It is not a strange thing to have travellers visit Bali over and over again because of the wonder it has to offer. It is a common misconception to regard Bali as an island with exotic beaches, idyllic sands, gorgeous sunsets, upscale bars, and so on. That idea is not entirely wrong, but Bali is simply just way much more than all the things listed before.

There are reasons why people who have travelled all over the world yet still yearn to come back and experience Bali for multiple times. Infact, there are not less than 49 reasons that we have compiled for your total Bali enjoyment. Check out these 49 amazing ideas and try them out yourselves:

Attractions and Culture

If you want to skip the famous and packed tourist hotspots and get straight to Bali’s cultural wonder, it can be one of the best traveling decisions for yourself. Bali is extravagantly rich in culture, complete with attractions and fantastic background stories in each of its history.

1. Goa Gajah Fountain of Youth


Image Courtesy of Colleen

The Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave presents you with 6 statues of maiden holding a pot of streaming water each. Yes, the water is fresh and drinkable right on the spot. Interesting story about this 9th-century fountain it is that there used to be total 7 statues but 1 collapsed during an earthquake. The name Elephant Cave is derived from the animal who is symbolical to education, and indeed the cave used to serve as a school centuries ago. Complete history will be available upon tour by professional guide for your enjoyment.

This place is definitely worth the visit not only for the rich cultural values, but wonderful scenery as well. There is a waterfall, green landscape, stunning temple and just the overall tranquility it exudes. As is any other visit to sacred places, you might require to rent a sash to cover any exposed body parts from waist down to respect the traditions. Small donation is also appreciated in most cultural spots.


Image Courtesy of Aleksandr Zykov

2. Sunrise from peak of Mount Batur


Image Courtesy of  Jack Rice

Even if you are not an early bird, try to set your alarm early to catch the magnificent golden sun from the top of Mount Batur. To describe the sight of sunrise at this particular spot will exhaust all your vocabularies. Before the sunlight creeps out the horizon line, the vast velvet sky will be decorated with sparkling lights that will slowly turn to lavender hue before warm orange glow emerges. As the whole place gradually lights up, the floating warm clouds will greet you out of nowhere and then you’ll notice : you are standing in the sky. Jacket rental is available because it will definitely be quite chilly, but the uphill climb will heat you just right as you ascend to the top of paradise.


Image Courtesy of Jørn Eriksson

3. Monkey business at Ubud Monkey Forest


Image Courtesy of mararie

Don’t miss out on this cool breezy place and play with the adorable monkeys. If you are not a fan of monkey, do not worry as these monkeys are harmless as long as you keep your distance and your belongings. You can purchase banana out front and feed them, the monkeys will gladly entertain you for sure. There is also another amazing animal for you to look at, the deers. Equally cute and friendly, be sure to take a lot of pictures.


Image Courtesy of Colin Brown

4. Waterbom Bali- Climax

Waterbom Bali- Climax

Plunge from a 4-story water slide and experience the rush of endorphins and adrenalines pumping all through the veins in your body. Climax ride is an attraction worth trying especially for all the daredevils out there. Besides the main Climax ride, Waterbom Bali also has many other fun and relaxed rides, suitable for a enjoyable day for all family members.



5. Goa Gala- Gala


Essentially an underground house, Goa Gala- Gala is created using only hammer, chisel and man perseverance until a labyrinth-like house is made. It is located not far from Ceningan bridge, but you have to look more carefully as it is situated exactly on a narrow road veering of the main street. As you explore this underground maze, you will see a bedroom, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and meditation room.


6. Agung Rai Museum of Art ( ARMA)


ARMA is one of the most impressive art museums in the island of Bali. Located in Ubud, it hosts a collection by many prominent artists both international and local. Artwork from German artists such as Walter Spies to Javanese ones like Raden Saleh, as well as Affandi and Lempad. You will also be treated with other art performances in their workshops of Balinese dance and other related arts. One of the most interesting workshops in ARMA includes Golden Hour, which happens at sunrise. This little tour will enable you to experience the silence, sounds and colors as Bali awakes in the morning and starts its everyday hustles.


Image Courtesy of Ubud Writers & Readers

7, Tegallalang Rice Terraces


The green carpet of giant paddy field stairs makes for one picturesque indescribable beauty. This lush paradise and gorgeous landscape is definitely a must visit when you are traveling to Bali. It is impossible not to be in awe of the rice plantation slopes across the valley stretching along coconut trees. The systematic watering management itself is a sublime view as the water glistens under the sun, creating a soothing ambience all across the area. Just be careful where you aim your camera, as the place is getting more and more commercialised, some farmers may ask for “modelling”fee when you are snapping at them.


Image Courtesy of Onny Carr

8. Local Farms and Homes


Image Courtesy of Michael

Rent a bicycle and go for a ride through the cultural center of Bali – the Ubud fields. The usual ride takes around 5 hours and depending on how well you bargain, you will spend a small amount of money for an unforgettable scenic ride. If you are fear of exhausting yourself, fret not as the uphill journey is just half part of the ride and the trip downhill will be an effortless cruise while you take in the view. During the ride, you will get a look of how Balinese people live their life in these rural areas. 

9. Luwak Coffee


Image Courtesy of Isriya Paireepairit

Arguably one of the best coffee beans, luwak coffee beans are naturally selected by the mammal itself, namely luwak. The mammal is an Asian palm civet cat resembling a ferret and is considered masterful picker of coffee bean. As they eat and digest the beans, they will expel these already chemically processed coffee beans in their stomach through their “poos”. Ask for your local guide prior to renting the bikes as usually it comes with a coffee tasting session followed by sweet treats and a Balinese lunch at the end of the bicycling trip


Image Courtesy of Allison Mickel

10. Socialize globally


Image Courtesy of John Ragai

Bali has this friendly aura about it that comes from the overall relaxed and chill vibes from the nature. Almost everyone is nice and sociable, from the international tourists and the local Balinese. Flashes of smiles are everywhere in the happy faces of people who just love to be in Bali. Strike a conversation or two and you’ll be pleasantly hooked with new friends from around the globe.

11. Ubud Royal Palace


Image Courtesy of 小宗宗

As a focal attraction in Ubud, this place is not to be missed during your trip. Built in the 17th century, the complex is still very well preserved and holds a long Bali history. Cultural Bali dances are performed here regularly among the beautiful gardens and detailed architecture. Spend a day of nostalgic moments while it enchant you with many of its cultural features.


Image courtesy of Ting Cheng

12. Sunsets over paddy fields.

How would you like to be among the green paddy fields with the majestic orange sky in front of you? Sunsets in Bali are one of the most wonderful in the world and being around the heavenly nature is nothing short of amazing.


Image Courtesy of Seth Mazow

13.  Tirta Empul holy water


Image Courtesy of Robby Oktobaren

If you plan to come here, prepare your own bottle container. There is a tradition where one heads under one of the streams of water for some head soaking before continuing to pray and make offering for blessing in the temple. Just be sure to enter temple in dry condition and do the soaking part inside as wet sarong/sash is not allowed.

14. Kecak Fire Dance


Image Courtesy of Rollan Budi 

The traditional Bali dance or Kecak Fire dance is a dramatic dance involving large number of male troupes performing many vigorous physical activity in the span of over an hour. As the story develops, you will get entranced by this dance that incorporates intense fire and heavy traditions. You can witness the powerful Kecak Fire dance just anywhere in Bali since it is carried out almost daily in the many locations islandwide

15. Abandoned airplanes


Image Courtesy of

One of the most visited locations for abandoned airplanes in Bali is at Pandawa beach, South Kuta. Not only can you touch and climb the plane, it is actually explorable if you dare to venture into the plane through the door all the way up to cockpit.

16. Abandoned amusement park.


Image Courtesy of Lukas Bolliger

There is one amusement park with halted completion – Taman Festival Bali. However, it didn’t stop amused travellers to set foot into the place that was once crawled with crocodiles. Don’t worry because the place is safe now from crocodile threats, but we promise you will still get chills from the silence that looms in this place.

17. Motorbike ride


Image Courtesy of Aussie Assault

A popular way of commuting around the island is by motorbike and rental is everywhere. With affordable rental prices, you can make use of this swift vehicle to access the narrower roads in Bali. Traffic may be quite congested in Bali, which makes motorbike an even ideal choice for seeing around the island. Just be sure to wear helmets and be careful while riding.


It is not a trip to Bali if you haven’t set your foot in the beaches. Featuring best of Bali’s beaches, prepare to lounge under the sun with cocktails in your hands :

18. Uluwatu Beach cave (Suluban Beach)

Image Courtesy of Ismayani Prabu Ali

The Uluwatu Beach cave is yet another breathtaking and stunning places in Bali that gives out the mythical aura. If you are getting too hot under the sun, this cave will be a welcome break while you chill the day away

19.  Turtles at Kuta Beach


Image Courtesy of Neimon

Turtle nesting and egg hatching is one of the best activities you can take part in Kuta beach. Help release turtles from their nest and guard them on their way to the ocean. There is something extra soothing about being a part of this amazing habitat that will live to probably many years to come. Take note of the schedule by checking with the official Facebook page available for turtle program in Bali.

20. Horseriding on the beach


Image Courtesy of Sue

Riding a horse along the coastline of Bali is the ultimate experience that Bali beach has to offer. As the sounds of the horse’s clopping hooves hit the sandy beach, there’s a serene feeling that matches the sounds of crashing waves and slow bounces of the ride.

21 Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran


Image Courtesy of Kevin Poh

The strip of Jimbaran Bay oversees more than 25 of the best and hottest barbeque restaurants, beach clubs and bars. Enjoy the grill as the aroma tantalizes you with the sunset just in front of your very eyes. It might be a little crowded, but Jimbaran is one of the best spots to watch the sun vanishes accompanied with rollouts of seafood menus. Get in early and relax while you wait for the sky to give its best performance.

22. Dolphins at sunrise at Lovina Beach

Image Courtesy daniel ab

The beach, the sun and the dolphins – surely it is hard to get better than that. Lovina is a black sand beach that is made of volcanic ash. Every morning, the traditional tourist boats will set out to take eager guests to see dolphins jumping out of the water. It is fascinating and exhilarating indeed, a definite must if you ever get to Lovina beach.

23, Chill at Petitenget beach


Image Courtesy of R L.

Have some satay when you get to Seminyak’s best beach – Petitenget. Chill and order these affordable yummy satay at the beach. There are several grill stalls selling roasted butter corn, meat satays, drinks and other great tasting snacks and foods. Mingle around the tourists with these delicious foods in hand and refreshing drink in the other and get relaxed with happy tummy.

24. Suntan at Geger Beach


Image Courtesy of Michael Dawes

This is your go to if you want to avoid the mainstream beaches in Bali such as Kuta beach. Geger beach is less crowded but just equally stunning with its clear blue water and white sandy beach, infact, it is probably one of the whitest beaches in the island. So, lay out your mat, prepare your drink and lounge for the best suntan you will get in a while.

25. Camel riding along the shore


Image Courtesy of Agra Photography

Not only horseriding is a common thing along the coastline, but camel riding too. This surreal experience will allow you an up close contact with camels and you’ll get away with pictures of you looking all gorgeous in the sand. Head on to Grand Nikko Bali resort to get a taste of Sahara!


There is no place to get some R&R done right like in Bali. Everything is supposed to calm and sooth you to the fullest. Get all your refreshing and relaxing facts here.

26. Yoga time


Image Courtesy of Fabrice Florin

Meditate and practice some yoga while serenaded by the sounds of the waves and clear sky above your head. Bali is a famous hotspot for yoga lovers because the greenery meets with oceanic blue is just the right combination of peace

27. Massages all around.


Image Courtesy of Bali Mandira

Loosen up the knots in your body after surfing or travelling sounds like the best idea during traveling. Get into many of the available massage parlors from the more affordable ones to the upscale ones, all with one promise in hand : to pamper and relax you before you head on home.  

28. Spa detox.


Image Courtesy of Roderick Eime

There are a lot of places in Bali that offer spa service, right around the corner of the beach and basically every strategic spots around the island. If you are having trouble to select one, just a quick search on the internet will give you reputable and prominent names in the area. You are guaranteed to leave the place extra relaxed.


Time for some retail therapy in Bali. It has endless shopping choices when it comes to art, knick-knacks, souvenirs, clothings, jewelleries, and so on. You name it, Bali got it.

29. Art shops at Legian Street


Image Courtesy of issrasai

The narrow alley of Legian Street is like a lane to museum town. The art pieces range from portraits of individuals like Balinese dancers, landscapes, animals to basically anything artsy and splendid. These exquisite artworks are not the only thing you can find here. Legian street also offers many ornaments and odd souvenirs for you to enjoy. With competitive prices, practice your bargain skills and get a deal of a lifetime.

30. Traditional shopping at Ubud Market


Image Courtesy of Christiaan Hemerik

As a tourist, it helps to do your research before you go to traditional shopping at Ubud Market. Knowing you are foreigner, sellers tend to jack up prices to sky high. But don’t worry or shy away from making an offer, as your bold moves might benefit you with very cheap yet authentic items. Explore the whole of Ubud Market and absorb the atmosphere of traditional and cultural flavors in its full.

31. Wardrobe shopping at Kuta Art Market


Image Courtesy of Ken Worker

Located right beside Kuta beach, rows and rows of shops selling almost identical stuff will spoil you with fashion and accessories choices. If you forget to bring your beachwear, you won’t be missing out as you will end up with more than one piece when shopping here.  

32. Krisna Oleh-Oleh


Image Courtesy of dini savitri

A one-stop shopping solution for souvenirs, popular beauty products in Bali and food. If you don’t have any bargaining skills, this is the perfect place for you because everything is fixed price!

33. Fake Authentic Goods


If you want to look fashionable during the holiday but still not burn a hole in your pocket, you are in luck. Many of Bali fashion vendors carry shirts, sunglasses, bags and many other items that are the replicate of high brands in the world of fashion, with affordable pricing of course.

34. Get a tattoo/piercing


The one thing that is everywhere besides massages, spas and beaches in Bali is : tattoo parlors. Bali’s tattoo artists are generally skilled with artsy bohemian vibes in them. If you are not looking forward to get permanent ink, request for temporary tattoo for just the same amount of fun and badassery.

Visit Mex Tattoos, Bali Tattoo Shop

Learn something new

35. Odyssey’s Surf School


There’s no better time to learn surfing than when you are holidaying in Bali. Pick up a surfboard and you will realize how cool and fun it is riding the wave when you know just how to do it. Bali’s waves are the best when you are learning to ride, as the waves are not too strong. Odyssey’s Surf School comes highly recommended because of the patient pros that can teach you within an hour of teaching.

36. Wood carving


Image Courtesy of Eugene

Channel your artist side by learning to pick up the chisel and piece of wood. Learning to wood carve is one of the highlights in the workshop of ARMA. There are also other more authentic places in the local that offer wood carving classes for fun.  

37. Learn Batik


Learn how to Batik in a jiffy! Batik painting is simple when you are willing to get your hands dirty albeit, a little tricky. After painting the pretty results, you can bring your masterpiece home and frame it for remembrance.

38. Go white water rafting

kids do rafting at telaga waja

Good news for all the adventure-junkies out there. White Water rafting in Bali is best when you want to explore the rivers, navigate the crazy borders while still have tons of fun the safe way. We mentioned safe because it is really the professional rafters/ guide that will be steering your raft, but you will still enjoy the thrill of it all along the ride.

39. Paraglide over the sea


Image Courtesy of Sean F. White 

What better way to enjoy the cool calm breeze of Bali than to be on top and among it? Paragliding all across the ocean will take your breath away as you breathe in all the awesomeness Bali nature has to offer. Safety wise, you are in good hands of the professionals that will accompany you during your flight.

40. Seawalking


Image Courtesy of Crystal Egan 

Yeap, take a stroll on the seabed of Bali’s ocean. You get to walk around the coral reef all thanks to this popular excursion made possible by tying your weight to your ankles. Touch the fish and breath through the amazing sea view around you.  


You haven’t experience whole of Bali if you haven’t witnessed the night scene in it lavish and upscale clubs or simply hang by the pool or the ocean.

41. Have a pool party


Image Courtesy of David Fletcher

Villas with private pools are aplenty in Bali. This allows you to get your own private party going just as wild and fun as you’d like it to be. Cool dips accompanied with crazy and loud friends will make a night to remember by. Don’t forget to stock up on beverages and party ideas. When you are about to wind down from the party, look up and do some stargazing with the company of your loved ones.

42. Skygarden


This is another of Bali’s club that are frequently visited by partylovers. It deserves its crown as the number one clubbing location in Bali with 8 pubs and clubs all under its roof. Dance the night away with blasts of happening musics and you’ll soon see why Bali earns its name for housing some of the best clubs in the world.

43. Cocoon


Looking out for chill vibes in a club setting, Cocoon is the answer for you. With cocktails served by the pool at night, this is a family friendly restaurant that welcomes kids in tow. It also has a bar for more of the nightclub vibe for you to lounge and party

44. Potato Head


Potato Head is almost similar to Cocoon but is way more popular and packed. If you like to meet up with new people, this is just the right place for it. Get in before sunset for the extra chilly beach vibes and you get to wind down with the right people.


With shockingly cheap prices, the food variety and quality is absolutely amazing. Suitable for local and foreigners’ taste buds, prepare to unleash the foodie in you when you’re in Bali!

45. Cafe hop


Image Courtesy of kris woods

Beautifully designed cafes are almost everywhere in Bali. The designs are matched with the menu which comes with affordable prices. Make a note to visit several of cafes when you are in Bali and you can do cafe-hopping in style. Whether you are in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu or Ubud, these little wonders are always present for you to choose from

46. Dine in the middle of paddy fields


Nothing is quite like enjoying a nice and calm meal surrounded by the lush green of paddy field. With trees swaying in the wind, soft chatters of its patrons, and a cup of latte in front of you, it cannot get more blissful than that. One last note, order up so you can enjoy your tea time all the way to sunset. You won’t regret it.  

47, Bakso time


Image Courtesy of  Janto Marzuki

The favorite local food anywhere in the country, bakso is no exception in Bali. The local way to have a bowl of delicious bakso is doing it just like how any local would. There is a stall that is popular with the local at Kuta, complete with the authentic dining experience at the roadside.  

48. Try local food


Image Courtesy of Danny Foster 

Nasi goreng, nasi pedes or nasi babi guling, surely you will be recommended these menus when you are in Bali. Go ahead and try it at most eateries along Kuta Beach, not only is it cheap but extraordinarily tasty too.

49. Try their street food


Image Courtesy of  Uncornered Market

Exploring Bali by feet has its perks, chances are you will encounter some amazing street finds that will satisfy your appetite big time. Balinese street food is actually pretty clean, so do not worry on developing a tummy problem.  

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