Visiting the island of Bali, not only just visiting its beaches. There are many other natural panorama which is an unfortunate if you missed. One area that is quiet interesting to visit is the Tenganan village, Manggis district, Karangasem Regency or Eastern Bali. The area of Tenganan, Manggis, Karangasem is one of three villages of Bali Aga village or village which still retains its traditional rules inherited from their ancestors. Other villages are Sembiran and Trunyan. The people who are living in this village has generally made a living as farmers. But not a few among the population are also making a living as craftsmen. Some crafts that were made by the people of the Tenganan village are carvings, paintings, and woven bamboo.

tenganan village
Image Courtesy of Juan Antonio F. Segal

When you are visiting this unique village, you will presented by village typical buildings and the artists that are busy drawing on top of the palm leaves or make other artworks. This is a general view tourists visiting this village since the people here are well known for their skills in making artworks. The uniqueness is that they are still using the barter system in buying and selling items.

Tenganan Authentic Ikat
Image Courtesy of Tiffany

Historically, Tenganan village community has also been known for their expertise in weaving gringsing. The way to make the grinsing fabric is called the “double ikat” technique. This technique is the only technique in Indonesia to make the gringsing fabric and that’s also the reason why tourists attracted to this fabric. Tenganan village residents have a very unique tradition. Every year in mid-July, they held a tradition of pandan mageret (pandanus war). A ritual where a pair of young men of the village slashed each other using thorns from pandan leaves onto their backs. Due to the incision thorns from the pandan leaves, it will cause sores on the backs of the village young men.

Tenganan Authentic Smile

Pandanus War Tenganan kArangasem
Image Courtesy of Alland Dharmawan

After the pandanus war is over, the wounds will be treated with traditional medicine antiseptic from the tuber – root material. When the drug is smeared, the backs of that man will feel very sore. The wound will dry out and heal in a few days. This tradition was to train the mental and physical of the Tenganan villagers.

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