Stop for a While and Enjoy the Tegalalang Rice Terrace :

Most of the tourists that come to Bali have been heard about Ubud district and all of the tourist attractions in Ubud, Bali Island. Ubud has been known as a tourist attraction since 1930s. Located in the Gianyar district in Bali island, this place has a lot of artists and can be called as the cultural center in Bali, especially for painting, carving, sculpture, dance and traditional music of Bali. One of the places that you can visit while you are in Ubud, Bali, is the Tegalalang rice terrace.

Tegalalang is the rice field tourist attraction that is located in north of Ubud approximately 20 minutes from ubud if you travel by car or public transportation. The Tegalalang rice terrace is an area famous for its terraced rice fields. A lot of tourists came to this place to travel and enjoy the beautiful view of the rice fields.

Tegalalang Farmer

The Tegalalang rice terraces has a unique irrigation system called subak. According to the history from the local people in Tegalalang, the subak system has been passed down through generations. It is first created in the 8 century by Resi Markandeya who is known as a holy man.

The Tegalalang is located in the path between Ubud and Kintamani, so the tourists that travel from and to Kintamani can actually stop for a while to take picture, enjoy the view, lunch in restaurants on the side of the rice fields, or even shopping for souvenirs from hundreds of small souvenirs stores around this area.

There are a lot of souvenirs that you actually can find in Tegalalang area such as bags, masks, unique bottles, handmade glasses flower vase, plates, etc. While you are in here, you can also relax for a while in a “bale” where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Tegalalang rice terrace in peace. So, what are you waiting for? 

Image Courtesy of :  leodelrosa & Onny Carr

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