Wonderful Sunset from Tanah Lot Temple :

You must have been heard about this tourist attraction in Bali Island. Yes, The Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most famous places that must visit while you are in Bali. Even though Bali is known as the island with thousand temples but the Tanah Lot Temple has become one of the famous icons from Bali Island.

Tanah Lot temple is a religious tourist attraction with beautiful beach view. You can see two temples in this place that built on top of big coral reef and cliffs that juts into the sea. The one that’s called as Tanah Lot Temple is the temple that stands on the coral reef in the middle of the beach. This temple was built in honor the sea god and that was the reason why this temple was built near the sea. Tourists cannot go inside the temple in order to maintain purity and sanctity of the temple.


At high tide, you can see the Tanah Lot temple as if it floats on the water. Another case when the water receded, under the temple you can see small holes like a cave that housed many snakes with flat tail and yellow with black stripes color. It is said that, this snakes are the temple guards and had 3 times more powerful venom compared to cobras. The snakes are relatively benign and will not attack unless disturbed.



Tanah Lot is about 1 hour from Airport or about 45 minutes from Kuta Beach This tourist spot is visited especially during the late afternoon where people can see a beautiful sunset view from the Tanah Lot Temple.

The enterance fee is cheap enough to be able to enjoy religious tourism and also beautiful beaches at one place in Bali. Even though you are not allowed to enter the temple, there are so many great things that you can do while visiting the Tanah Lot Temple which are take photos, hunt for souvenirs, testing the myth of Tirta Pabersihan, and watch the Odalan ritual.

Image Courtesy of kangxi504 & Steel Wool

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