Top 10 List Best Beaches in Bali Island

It won’t take a long time to convince someone of the beauty in Bali’s beaches. The remarkable Bali’s beaches has long been on one of the top list of best beaches in the world. Sought after by many worldwide travellers,…

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10 Less Explored Tourist Places in Bali

Traveling in Bali doesn’t just mean getting into the hectic popular beaches, dining in crowded and happening local eateries, or winding down under the sun among the packs of surfers, peddlers and other visitors. A journey in Bali can be…

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5 Scams in Bali You Should Be Aware of

The preparation for going on a vacation covers a lot of things. It involves getting your personal things ready and well packed for the road, making sure you have the right stamina, and also, learning one or a few tricks…

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20 Bali Quick Facts You Should Know

Many travellers make the “first timer’s mistakes” in their first trip Bali. These are all classic and avoidable mistakes many wished they had knew before. We have all the quick facts and basic informations that will be extra handy when…

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