Here in the Seminyak beach, you can also find so many restaurants and places to stay so that will makes the tourists who visited this place able to stay or find food when they are hungry. The different between this beach and Kuta beach. is that the Kuta beach is more crowded if compared to the Seminyak beach. This is happen because the location of the Seminyak beach that far from the center of Kuta.

But the less crowded condition makes this place a perfect runaway for people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature with peace and quiet. But now, there are so many famous restaurants and bars built around the Seminyak beach that often held big parties. Now, you can find all kind of restaurants from the cheap one until the most expensive restaurant that will cost you a big amount for the food.

Nevertheless, the Seminyak beach is still offering you so many incredible things such as a beautiful view, a prefect spots to see the sunset, and to enjoy the lovely sound of the waves at the evening. You can play volleyball, surf, swim, or just sunbathe to get a nice tan skin.


Like I have said earlier, this beach is located near the Kuta beach. That was meant that this beach is located in Seminyak village, Kuta district. Once, the majority people around the Seminyak beach work as farmer, but since the Seminyak beach become famous as one of the tourist attraction in Bali, they change their profession to open a restaurant or place to stay for the tourists who come to this beach. If you want to visit this beach, you can ask your travel guide about this place and booked it. Have a nice holiday.

Image Courtesy of Tom Booth & Matthew Kenwrick

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