Sari organic Ubud is an interesting place in Bali island that far away from the night life or beaches. But this place offering you a view of a vast organic farm and also the culinary experience by tasting the organic menu in the restaurant inside the Sari Organic Ubud area.

The concept of this place is very unique. Since car cannot enter this organic farm and restaurant area, you must travel on foot about 800 meters or around 20 to 30 minutes from the car stop. If you don’t want to walk, you can rent a motorcycle service to get you to the Sari Organic but it is better if you walk since it is can make you healthy and able to see the local people or farmers in that area.

sari organic ubud

While walking, you can take a snap of some pictures since this area is so beautiful and natural. When you arrive in the Sari Organic, you can see the organic farm on the right side where they plant various of vegetables using the cow manure as fertilizer. The vegetables in here are smaller than the vegetables we saw in the market since these vegetables are given natural fertilizer with no pesticide.

Another place in this place is the main area which is the Sari Organic restaurants. The building itself has a sustainable concept with a low stage style and tent as its roof. Here, they serve organic food and drink and most of the visitors in this restaurant are foreigners. Although they serve organic food and drink, but the quality of the food and drink are not less than the high class restaurants. The location of the Sari Organic in Ubud is at Subak Sok Wayah Ubud. Well, enjoy a healthy vacation!


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