It has long been established by many sources whether professional or personal opinions that Bali is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Although there are endless of articles giving you reasons why you should visit Bali, we thought that we can further bring home the whole idea of it. Here are 20 reasons why Bali can be the best island you can pick for going on the perfect holiday:

1. The welcoming sight of the most magnificent highway in Indonesia with the background of Mount Agung.


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Even before you land Bali, the island is generous enough to greet you with such breathtaking sight. Be sure not to sleep moments before landing. Open your window seat to witness the best tollway in Indonesia, the Bali Mandara Highway and the grand Mount Agung.

2. View from the top of Mount Agung.


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It is one thing to gaze at the mountain from the distance. Once you get on top of Mount Agung which is 3,142 metre in height, you’ll experience the different sensation being in the midst of Bali bird’s eye view.

3. The awesome Caldera of Mount Batur.


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While it is only half the height of Mount Agung, Mount Batur mountain still boasts a height of 1,717 metre with equally stunning sight. It is also crowned as one of world’s Global Geopark by Unesco.

4. Dozens of gorgeous waterfalls.

sekumpul waterfall

Image Courtesy of Martijn Barendse

Take one for example, this twin waterfall at the Village Sekumpul is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. With height of 100 metre and placed among the lush forest and gorgeous greeneries, you will feel like you’ve been transported back in time, for good reasons.

5. Another beckoning waterfall

aling aling waterfall

Photo via: ibhekti

At Aling Aling waterfall, you get to play alongside with nature by jumping from its height to the pool down below. It is extreme enough although the height is still tolerable with a natural slide for you to explore. The sensation of crashing into fresh water is of course, indescribable.

6. The hidden beach “ Green Bowl Beach”


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Located at Ungasan, this is still one of the most rarely visited beach in the whole of Bali. You will have to put some effort by climbing the long and steep stairs, but it will be all worth it in the end.

7. More hidden places for you to explore at Pasih Uwug


The further you are willing to explore, the more beauty you will encounter. Take Pasih Uwug for example, it is located in the southeast Bali at Nusa Penida where it has the most stunning natural water dam for you to enjoy.

8. More for you at Nusa Penida


Image Courtesy of whitecat sg

This part of Bali still offers you countless amazing experience of nature’s best. Try diving at its sea and you’ll meet the wonderful sea creatures including the rare Mola Mola fish that is 3- 4 metre in length!

9. Get a taste of gigantic tree


The Bunut Bolong tree is over a century old and is located at the Jembrana area. Legend told that everyone who had tried cutting it down in the past had met a rather deadly end. Ever since then, this awesome tree has been preserved by leaving a 5 meter hole for allowing cars and pedestrians to walk through.

10. The perfect daredevil playground


Image Courtesy of  Anton Muhajir

If you’re looking for some adrenaline pump, head over to Timbis Beach at Kutuh for a paragliding session. Perched securely on the paraglide, you will be astonished by the beauty of Pacific Ocean where the long sandy beach and rocky cliffs make for a picture perfect moment.

11. Crazy rafting experience


You will be screaming for your life when the raft descends from the height of 5 meter from Telaga Waja. Once you land though, you’ll be begging for second round.

12. How about being The Iron Man?


Bali has many advanced water sports for you try at Tanjung Benoa, including jet ski, banana boat, parasailing and also, flyboarding ala Iron Man.

13. Camping underneath the millions of stars

camping ground buyan

buyan camping

Nature lovers are in for a treat. At Bedugul, there is a 5 star hotel that will give you a lavish camping experience by the Buyan Lake. Sleep underneath the stars for a romantic evening to remember.

14. More fantastic accommodation to choose from.

le-pirate-nusa-ceningan le-pirate

Something truly unique is availabe at the Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan. This is a stay in a house of hay roof and humble housing that will make for an authentic experience in a remote island.

15. Get a taste of world class luxury


At Ayana Resort, you get to wake up and have your breakfast right at the swimming pool. This hotel is famous for its upscale treatment suitable for you who are looking to indulge in royal holiday.

16. The superb culinary ride


Your food travel begins as soon as you get to Bali. Most of the best food in Bali is ridiculously cheap and extra delicious.

17. Charming cafes of Seminyak and Ubud

bali boat shed

Hang out and chill at Rayjin over at Seminyak for a spin of sushi in your tummy. Using authentic Japanese recipe, the interior design alone will be a treat for you. You won’t be able to resist taking a picture here.

18. Shopping at Seminyak

bali boat shed

Along the street of Kayu Aya, Seminyak has become the main strip of high end boutique with newest collection suitable for any world traveller. Another outstanding store you simply have to visit is Bali Boat Shed. Let them blow you away with their apparel choices.

19. Rich and Unique Cultural experience.


Image Courtesy of Sybren Stüvel

Only in Bali can you get up close and personal with Ogoh Ogoh parade and know firsthand the calm and peace of Nyepi holiday

20. If you’re lucky, you’ll be treated with the unique Ngaben procession.


This cremation process is a huge and traditional ceremony that will stun anyone who is not accustomed to seeing it.

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