Rambut Siwi temple as a tourist attraction is a complex of temple that surrounded by a vast and terraces rice field with a pile of cliff and coral on the south. On the north side, you can see villages and mountains that line from west to the east. In the south, you can see the Indian Ocean, while in the south west of the temple there is a place to rest while enjoying the beauty of the sea view with the relaxing sound of the wave.

rambut siwi temple
Image Courtesy of Putu Ariawan

Not far from that resting place, you can find a pathway that leads down to the beach where you can see two caves on the cliff side that considered holy and sacred by the local people. The atmosphere of this place and peace is so quiet that makes a great place for relaxing your mind. According to the tradition, this place is the place that Dang Hyang Nirartha arrived for the first time in Bali Island.

The Rambut Siwi temple is located in the Yeh Embang Kangin village, Mendoyo district, Jembrana regency. About 200 meters from the temple, there is a highway that connected Denpasar to Gilimanuk. Here, the Hindu people usually stop for a while to pray for safety to the God. If you come from Denpasar, you need to travel about 78 km using cars, motorcycles, or even public transportation. The journey from Denpasar to this temple will take about 2 hours drive passing up and down the road, so you can see a lot of beauty of the nature along the travel.

Image Courtesy of Putu Ariawan


The temple has been supported with adequate facilities and infrastructure, such as parking area, public toilet, sasana budaya building as a meeting hall, food and drink stalls, souvenir shops, and resting places.

The Rambut Siwi temple often visited by domestic and foreigner tourists and the best time to visit this temple is in the evening, right before the sunset. Usually, this temple is crowded at holidays, holy day and the Piodalan day. The Piodalan day is celebrated every 210th day on Umanis Wuku Prangbangkat Wednesday. So, be sure to remark that day in your calendar if you want to see the ceremony hold in this temple. Have a nice holiday!

Image Courtesy of Putu Ariawan


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