Temple is a place to worship the manifestation of God and one of the temples that you can visit in Bali island is the Ponjok Batu temple. This temple attracts a lot of tourists with its beauty and sacredness of the coastline view around the temple.

The Ponjok Batu temple is located at Alassari village, Tejakula district, Buleleng regency, around 24 km in the east of Singaraja, north of Bali island. The name of Ponjok Batu was given to this temple because of this temple is located near a pile of black stones. Across this temple, you can see the beautiful view of Java Ocean that can grow inspiration and soul peace for the tourist who visits this place.
ponjok batu temple
Image Courtesy of Bali Alpes

To reach the Ponjok Batu temple from Ngurah Rai International Airport, you will need to travel a long distance, which is about 150 km that took almost 4 hours drive. Most tourists will prefer to rent a car than hire a taxi since it is quite far distance to reach this location.

The travel from the Ngurah Rai International Airport to the Ponjok Batu temple will pass 3 regencies that known to contain most famous tourist attractions in Bali. These 3 regencies are Denpasar, Badung, and Tabanan. Along the way, you can also enjoy the view of beautiful nature, interesting tourist attraction, hotels, restaurants, etc.

ponjok batu temple
Image Courtesy of segolene ragu

The story of the place is related with Danghyang Niratha who was sitting in the pile of stones while enjoying the view of Java ocean when he spotted and save a wrecked boat along the crew. The pile of stones where he was seated suddenly glowing and the stunned and amazed local people finally built a temple in that place.

ponjok batu temple
Image Courtesy of Kirk Beiser

Around the location of Ponjok Batu temple, you can see the water fountain that comes out from the black sand. It is said that the water has the healing ability if you wash your face and drink the water. You can also see in the middle of the sea, a coral with a boat on top of it. The facilities in this place are adequate enough, such as large parking area, food stalls, etc.


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