Every temple in Bali has its own story and also its own magic that keeps enchanting people who visit that place. But the Petitenget has a different story and magic since this is once a very horrifying place. It can be seen from the name of this temple itself, where Peti means “box or chest” and tenget in local language means “haunted”. It is kind of amazing that around this place now, we can see a lot of luxurious villas and hotels that also crowded by visitors every year.

petitenget temple

Image Courtesy of Aleksandr Zykov

Near the Petitenget temple, there is a Petitenget beach that used to be a beach near a haunted forest. Long time ago, local people believed that the area around the beach is very haunted and everyone who entered this area, when they returned home, they will get sick cause by Butha Ijo (an evil djin) who lived in this forest.

The temple itself was built with the command of the Dang Hyang Dwijendra, a priest who actually left Butho Ijo in that forest. The priest said that the local people must bring an offering to the temple in order to satisfy the butho Ijo, so it will not harass the local people again.

Petitenget Temple

Image Courtesy of Bali Alpes

The Petritenget beach near the temple is actually a beautiful beach with golden sand that will make whoever coming to this place held their breath in the stunning beauty. The golden sand was created from the reflection of the sun when the sun sets far away in the sea.

When the night fall, the lights from the luxury hotels and villas in this area makes the atmosphere around Petitenget temple is magical. Overall, it is a magical and exotic place to visit in Bali island, and despite the horrifying story behind the Petitenget temple, it is a gorgeous place to visit and enjoy the beauty nature on Bali island.

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