Nyang Nyang beach is also one of the hidden beaches in Bali island. It is located hidden behind the hill and it will need an extra effort to reach the location of this beach. But this place offers you a natural beach panorama and atmosphere. The location of the Nyang-Nyang beach is on the south of Bali, which is in Pecatu village, Badung Regency, Bali.


Image Courtesy of Andrey B

Not many tourists come to this place. And you can even say that, when you arrive to this beach, it is like your own private beach since not many people on this beach. The beach has soft white sand and great big waves that are perfect for the surfers fan. Since the tourism has not reached this place and the condition of the road is still not good and the hidden location makes tourists uncomfortable to reach this place, but the beauty and the virginity of this beach is not something that you can resist especially for people who like adventure.

Nevertheless, in this area, you can find one restaurant that’s offering you a culinary experience while enjoying the view of the Nyang Nyang beach below the restaurant. The parking area of the Nyang Nyang beach is also located on the top of the cliff and there are no food stalls around the Nyang Nyang beach.


Image Courtesy of Andrey B

The Nyang Nyang beach is also a famous place among the professional surfers. But you must remember that the condition of the beach and the waves are for the professional surfers and not suitable for the beginners. If you don’t want to surf, you can walk on the beach and enjoy the panorama, swimming, sun bathing, and play at the beach. If you get tired, you can visit the other tourist attraction near this Nyang Nyang beach such as Uluwatu temple. See you in Bali.

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