The region of Badung Regency indeed no doubt full with interesting sights, such as the underwater beauty (Tanjung Benoa), Nusa Dua, exotic beaches (Kuta Beach and Dreamland Beach), and also the view of the River with the beautiful views of the Nungnung waterfall which is so charming  with the hilly area of Puncak Mangu and Uluwatu Temple, became the perfect attraction for tourists.

The existence of the Nungnung waterfall in the village of Pelaga, district of Petang, Badung, add a row names of attractions in Bali, located within the same region with Tukad Bangkung bridge, that’s only 5 km from the International Airport. Petang village itself is a suitable place for agrotourism, because the weather is cool, a variety of plants, especially vegetables, can grow perfectly in this area that makes this area always look green and beautiful.

nungnung watefall

Image Courtesy of Rich Foster

Makes the tourist attraction object of Nungnung waterfalls as a tour target in Bali, then you can also visit a number of other tourist attractions located along this waterfall direction. If travelling from the direction of southern Bali such as Kuta, airport or from Tanjung Benoa tour package can then be packed with custom packages to other tourist attractions such as Sangeh, Bedugul and the last one is watching the sunset at Tanah Lot.

If you rent a car in Bali and depart from Denpasar, then you will need to travel about 1.5 hours drive North, toward Sangeh – Petang. From Sangeh, the Nungnung waterfall is about 20 km more, the access to the site is very easy and nice with a clear direction, so on makes the tour more easily.

nungnung watefall

Image Courtesy of Ivan Leasa

On the way to the Nungnung waterfall, you will be presented with a view of green fields and plantations. This beautiful nature is a refreshing natural therapy. And finally, meet with a sign of “Nungnung Waterfall ” that direct the journey to parking area. From the parking area, you will need to travel on foot for about 15 minutes down stairways with hundreds of steps. It is exhausting, but when you are finally arriving in the waterfall, it was all paid off.

Manning waterfall has a height of 50 meters, with quite big water discharge, with calm and cool atmosphere. It is a great place to visit in Bali that it is a shame to miss.

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