Maybe not all the tourists that have been to Bali heard about this place or even visited this lovely waterfall. But for those who like adventure, this tourist attraction in Bali island can be a perfect place to visit. The Munduk waterfall is located in the east of Munduk village, Banjar district, Buleleng regency, Bali. This waterfall is usually used by the local villagers to heal skin diseases because they believed that the water in this waterfall can heal. The fact is, this waterfall is indeed having a healing effect because the sulfur contained inside the water.

munduk waterfall bali

The Munduk waterfall is located about 42 km from Singaraja city and around 70 km from the Denpasar city. To get to the location of the Munduk waterfall, you need to use the vehicle and park in the parking area near the Munduk waterfall. From the parking area, you will need to continue your journey on foot through a footpath.

The location of the Munduk waterfall is surrounded by coffee plantations so you just need to follow the existing footpath and the directory sign that has been provided for the tourists who wants to visit this waterfall. You will need to bring water to drink since it is kind of exhausted journey, but, you will be able to enjoy the coffee plantations and also the nature and the sound of the birds in that area. Use shoes or slippers that won’t slip since the road is will be slippery when the rain falls.

munduk waterfall view

After half an hour of journey on foot, you will reach the main waterfall with the height approximately 15 meters. We will be able to see directly the beautiful view in that area. The water is cool and the atmosphere is natural. It is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the view and relax by the sound of the waterfall. Have a nice trip.

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