Take a Trip to Highland Area in Bali “Mount Batur”

The beauty of Bali island is not only about the beaches or the temples, but you can also enjoy your vacation to Bali island by taking a trip to the  at Kintamani, Bali. Mount Batur is located at the north eastern Bali that provide a great view of the mountain and also the beautiful Lake Batur. Because this is a highland which is about 1. 500 m above the sea level, the climate in this place is cooler than the other area in Bali. Usually, the temperature in this area could go down to 15 degrees at noon and even cooler at night. So remember to pack your jacket or rain coat when you planned to visit Mount Batur especially during rainy season.


To get into the Kintamani area and visit the Mount Batur, you can either use a car or by bus. If you are using a car, you can travel from South which is from Ubud that will take 45 minutes, from Besakih Temple that will take up to 1 hour, While you are in the Mount Batur area, you can visit the Lake Batur that was created at the crates of Mount Batur. The beautiful view will make you relaxed and feeling peaceful. Another activity that you can do is Sunrise Trekking at Mount Batur. Hiking a 1. 700 m volcano will give you another experiece when visiting Bali. At the top of the Mount Batur Caldera, you can see the sunrise and since the hiking path in this volcano was considered easy, even a beginner can hike to the top of Mount Batur.

Lunch at Kintamani ovelooking Batur volcano

Image Courtesy of TonySue Waters & Masrur Ashraf

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