Mengiat beach is one of the most exotic place in the Nusa Dua area,  a tourist attraction object that offers you relaxed, piece, and a clean environment. Not to mention the existence of well known and luxurious hotels and resorts, such as Ayodya Resort, St. Regis hotels, Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua, Westin Resort and Amanusa, in the Mengiat beach that they also responsible in keeping the clean environment around their hotels or resorts since a lot of their guests can access directly to the coast and use the beach to relax, swimming, enjoy the fresh of sea water, or just walking on the beach and enjoy the sea air breeze.

mengiat beach bali

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A wide and spacious white sand of Mengiat beach extending as long as 1 km away, facing east, so that the tourists can see a perfect sunrise and also a very tempting clear sea water that will tease everyone to enjoy the freshness. Even though the beach is located right in front of the hotels, but this water can be accessed by everyone since there is road access to the beach and a spacious parking area for cars and motorcycles. This tourist attraction object is a must to visit while you are touring to the south area in Bali island.

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the Nusa Dua, you can rent a hotel to stay a night in here, but of course the atmosphere will be different with Kuta area that’s always crowded with people. A beautiful, clean, and relax place among the luxurious resort can only be found on the Mengiat beach. It is also a strategic place to explore other interesting places in Nusa Dua area.

mengiat beach nusa dua

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