The Famous Kuta Beach : 

Kuta beach is the most famous beach in Bali Island. Every tourist, local or foreign, knows this beach and has been the most well known icon for Bali Island. The beach itself is located in the south of Bali Island and become the main destination of every tourist who wants to spend their holiday in Bali. The beach itself has been famous since 70s. The main attraction in this beach is to see the beautiful sunset from the Kuta beach. You can reach this beach in only 15 minutes from the International Airport.

What make this place famous since the first time are the white sand and the wave that’s perfect to surf. It is said that Kuta beach has been one of the best surfing location in Bali. If you want to learn how to surf, you can find so many surf boards rented with cheap price and you can even rent a trainer that can train you how to ride a wave.


The strategic location makes Kuta beach always crowded with visitors. Did you know that before the Kuta beach becomes famous like now, it was once a traditional fisherman’s village? Well, now the traditional fisherman village had gone and turn into a famous tourist attraction where people from every countries in the world meet when they are visiting Bali.

You need to remember one thing when you want to go to Kuta beach that the road in Kuta beach area is a one way road so it is better that you travel by foot once you have arrived in this place to see the stores and restaurants along the road, because if you are using vehicles and miss the store or hotels that you want to go, then you will need to take a long turn to be able to reach your destination.

Image Courtesy : Kai Lehmann

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