Kehen temple is one of the must visited places while you are in Bali island. This temple is located in Cempaga village in Bangli regency that you can travel about 45 km drive from Denpasar city. It is located in the south of Bangli hillside. What makes this temple unique is that the entrance of the temple did not use Candi Bentar like the other Kahyangan Jagat temples generally. Instead, it is using Candi Kurung.

kehen temple bangli

Not only the uniqueness of the entrance, another uniqueness is the existence of Bale kulkul in the branch of Banyan tree that gives another color to the Kehen temple. The local people in this place believe that if the branch of the Banyan tree in the temple is broken, then there’s a disaster coming to them. It is concluded from events that has been happening from generation to generation.


It is said that if the broken branches is located in Kaja Kangin (North East), a king would die like the event of the death of king Bangli; if it is located in Kaja Kauh (south west), a priest would die; if it is located in Kelod kangin (north east) and Kelod Kauh (south east) then a disaster will come to their village.


Just like any other temples in Bali island, the Kehen temple is also used as a place to hold a ceremony. The ceremonies or Piodalan day that are held in the Kehen temple are the Pagerwesi, Ngusaba Dewa or also known as Karya Agung Bhatara Turun Kabeh, Saraswati, Purnama, Ulian Sugimanik, Tilem, Buda Kliwon, and also Kajeng Kliwon. The Pagerwesi was held every 6 months and the Ngusaba Dewa was held every 3 years.

So if you want to plan a vacation in Bali island, don’t forget to put the Kehen temple in your list of places that you must visit in Bali. Well, have a great holiday!


Image Courtesy of Aleksandr Zykov

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