The north of Bali island is indeed famous with its waterfalls. Here, we can find so many interesting waterfalls that we can visit and enjoy the nature and one of it is the Jembong Waterfall. The Jembong waterfall is located in the Ambengan village, Sukasada district, Buleleng regency. This place can be reached in 2 hours drive from Denpasar city or only 15 km from the Bedugul tourist attraction.

The existence of this waterfall is probably unfamiliar in your ear, unlike the Gitgit waterfall or Sekumpul waterfall, but the beauty of the Jembong waterfall is no less than those waterfalls. What makes it different and also unique is that this waterfall is not perpendicular like any of waterfalls generally, but it flows in a slope of 75 degrees, so the water doesn’t make a rumbling sound. This condition allows the visitor to enjoy a more relaxing, calm, and peaceful atmosphere.

Jembong Waterfall Ambengan

Image Courtesy of Andrey B

The Jembong waterfall offers a different beauty, located in the middle of the local chocolate plantation and also surrounded by tropical trees, it will only take a little effort to reach the location of this waterfall. Visiting this place often will make a sensational hiking experience. Since it is very easy to find the location of the Jembong waterfall, you don’t need to hire a guide to lead you to this waterfall.

When you arrived at the end of the journey, the perfect beauty is presented in front of your eyes with a clear water flow that fall down into a one meter deep pool. The crystal clear water invited everyone to taste the cool and freshness of the water from Jembong waterfall.

Jembong Waterfall

Image Courtesy of Andrey B


The Ambengan village itself offers you another natural beauty of the rustic atmosphere and the view of a vast and green rice fields makes it worthy to be visited. Since there are not many tourists who know and come to this place, the atmosphere in this tourist attraction is still calm, peaceful, and private. But if you come in a holiday season, especially after the holy day or Hindu religion, such as Galungan or Kuningan, this place will be crowded from visitors, especially from the local resident around the waterfall.

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