The name of Geger beach is maybe not as famous as Kuta beach or even the Jimbaran beach, but this beach, considered as a hidden beach, is a paradise in Bali with typical white sand and clear blue sea. If you ever stayed in Nikko Bali hotel or The Mulia hotel, then you have probably heard about this beach. This beach is also known to most tourists as Nusa Dua Bali beach.

Since this beach is far from the center of the crowd, most tourists will prefer to go to other beaches, but for those who want a quiet beach, then the Geger beach is the perfect place to visit in Bali island.

The Geger beach is located in the area of Peminge village, Sawangan. To reach this place, you will need to pass the Nikko hotel, but if you don’t stay in Nikko hotel, then you can reach this beach through the Pura Puget road.

geger beach

Image Courtesy of Jørn Eriksson

Most areas of the Geger beach were owned by the Nikko hotel and they offer their guest a trip package along the beach in the back of a camel with various prices. It is an interesting and unique offer, especially for couples who want to do their pre wedding photo shoots in Bali. Since the hotel management is the one that managing the beach, the environment in Geger beach is very clean.


Image Courtesy of Annie Mole

It is no wonder, with this beauty and hidden paradise, that many investors want to invest their money in this place by trying to buy the land in this area from the local people. But unfortunately, not all local people want to sell their land, instead, they run their land on their own and use it to raise cows. Nevertheless, this is a beautiful beach to visit if you are having a holiday in Bali island.


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