One of the activities that atrract a lot of attention in Bali island is by seeing the Lovina dolphins. This is not the name of a new species from dolphin but they called it that way since the dolphins attraction can be seen from Lovina beach.

Lovina beach itself is one of the 2 places in Bali where you can see dolphins or even interact with them, if you are lucky enough. Another place where you can see dolphins in Bali is at the dolphin lodge Serangan. So, what is the difference between these two places? In Lovina, you can see the wild dolphins that lived freely in the open sea but the dolphine lodge Serangan is the dolphin’s captivity in Bali island. The dolphin lodge Serangan can be reached only 30 minutes from the Ngurah Rai International Airport while to see the Lovina dolphin, you will need to travel about 4 hours from the International airport.

Image Courtesy of Shirly Hamra

The Lovina beach itself is located in northern Bali, in Buleleng. If you want to see the dolphins in the Lovina beach, you will need to get up early in the morning since the dolphins will only show themselves to the surfaces near Lovina beach from 6 am to 9 am. You can rent a boat to see the dolphins and they usually can be seen swimming about 5 meters from the boat. But if they think that the human or the boats are getting crowded and limited their area to swim, they usually will dive and search for another area that’s wide enough for them to swim and perform attractions.

Image Courtesy daniel ab

You can see a group of dolphins or even hundreds of dolphins swimming in the open sea, but they will only do attractions or swimming in that area in the morning and in the afternoon when the sun is getting hotter, they will swim to the deep sea. You can take advantage of the moment by taking pictures or selfie. It is a nice holiday to share with your family or children. Have a nice holiday.

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