The Brahma Vihara Arama or also know with the Buddha Banjar Vihara is the biggest Buddhist monastery in Bali island. It is said to be the second Borobudur in Indonesia. This vihara is located in Bajar Tegeha hills, Banjar village, Banjar district about 22 km from the Singaraja city. This Vihara was built for Buddhist people in the island where the majority of the people are Hindu. The Vihara itself, offering the tourists a peace and calm atmosphere as a spiritual site because the location on the hillside. You can travel using a motorcycle to reach this place.

brahma vihara arama

Image Courtesy of Ken Marshall

It took about 10 years to finish this monastery, which was started in 1960 and finished in 1970. The Budha Banjar Vihara was built on top of 5 hectares land where we can find the miniature of the Borobudur temple. Overall, we can see 5 complexes of buildings in this monastery, which are: Upasatha Gara, Dhamasala, Stupa, Bodi tree, and also Kuti.

What makes it interesting is that the Stupa, with the form of a giant bell, is actually a donation from Thailand to this monastery. Inside the Stupa, you can see sacred items belong to Buddha including shinny and fire proof items. The Bodi tree is also another interesting part to visit in this monastery and a perfect place to snap a picture too. The Bodi tree is located in the south west of the building in the form of great and giant tree with various relief around the tree. This tree is the symbol of the Buddha’s victory when Buddha reaches the Sammia Sang Buddha (eternal perfection). In this place, the visitors usually meditate, especially in Asada holy day and Waisak holy day.


Image Courtesy of Ken Marshall

Dhamasala is a hall to give lectures, colleges, and also a place to perform the spiritual activities. The Upasatha Gara is the place where the monk says their vows and promises. The last place is the Kuti which is the place where the monks lives. So, if you want to feel another atmosphere of Bali and see the lives of the monk and the gorgeous relief from Buddha, this is the perfect place to visit in Bali island. See you in Bali!


Image Courtesy of Aleksandr Zykov

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