Another hidden beach in Padang Bai is the Blue Lagoon beach. This hidden paradise is located on another side of the Padang Bai harbor and offering the beauty of a hidden paradise for those who are looking for a fairy tale and hidden beach with its blue water and white sand.

The Blue Lagoon beach is located in the east of Bali island, in Karangasem regency with 2 hours travel using vehicles from Ngurah Rai International airport. And just like the Bias Tugel beach, this beach is also private and secluded. You can reach this beach on foot around 700 meters from the harbor.

blue lagoon padang bai

Image Courtesy of mookE

The activity that you can do at this beach include swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and even diving. The water is blue and clear and the sand is white with calm wave that give peace to the visitors. The Blue Lagoon beach is an interesting tourist attraction and it is easier to reach than the Bias tUgel beach since it doesn’t take too much effort to reach this beach. When you arrived at the Blue Lagoon beach, you can see the one and only restaurant in this beach, the “Warung Blue Lagoon” where you can enjoy drinks and food while absorbing the beauty and relaxing atmosphere on this beach.


Image Courtesy of Christian Michel

Unlike the Bias Tugel beach, the facilities near this beach is already complete enough for the tourists such as hotels from cheap hotels to five star hotels and also restaurants. One of the famous hotel in here is the Blue Lagoon hotel that is located on top of the hill, away from the crowded, which is a perfect place to stay and enjoy a calm and peaceful vacation and also a stunning view. If you like photography, you can snap pictures and preserved the beauty of the nature in the Blue Lagoon beach. Well, it is another adventure that you can experience in Bali island. Enjoy your vacation.



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  1. Radhika says:


    I came across your site as I was looking for hidden beaches to relax on while I’m on holiday in Bali. I’ve seen that this beach is listed quite a few amount of times. It’s also listed good for snorkeling. What if we don’t want to do a snorkeling tour, but rather rent out snorkeling gear. Is that a possibility?

    What about other hidden beaches, which do you recommend? And do others allow you to rent out snorkeling gear?


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