Enjoy the Art of a Maestro at Blanco Museum Ubud :

You must have heard the great name of Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci, but have you ever heard the name of Antonio Blanco? Well, in Bali, He fell in love with a Balinese woman and got married. It is a true love story between Blanco and his wife, Ni Ronji.

When you visited Bali, you can actually see Blanco’s painting in the Blanco museum. You can visit this place if you want another atmosphere than the beaches or bars in Bali. Even though Bali is famous for a lot of great painters, but Blanco paintings are in a different and higher level.

don antonio blanco

The Blanco museum is actually belonging to Manila born man who built a house and also the museum on top of the land given by Tjokorde Gde Agung Sukawati, the king of Ubud from Puri Saren.

This Blanco museum actually a quite well known place to visit in Bali because every day there are about 100 to 150 visitors that came to this place because of their curiosity to Blanco’s paintings.

antonio blanco painter

Most of Blanco’s arts are about Balinese women and the way that he described Balinese women in his painting attract the world eyes that got him an a lot of awards such as Tiffany Fellowship, Chevalier du Sahametrai, Award from Indonesian President Soekarno, and even a royal title from King of Spain (Juan Carlos I). To make his paintings, he usually used his wife, Ni Ronji as his painting’s model.

The Museum itself was built in 28 December 1998 and Antonio Blanco died almost a year later for kidney and liver failure. If you want to visit this place, you can go to Campuan village in Ubud, Bali where you can see almost 300 paintings by Antonio Blanco.

Image Courtesy of Ririn Susanti

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