People might know Padang Bai as a harbor where you can hop on a ferry from Bali to Lombok or the other way around. But only a few people, and most of them are foreigners, who knew that there are two hidden paradise in the form of beaches near the Padang Bai harbor and one of them is the Bias Tugel beach.

Bias Tugel Beach

Image Courtesy of Paul Greenway

The visitor of this beach is not much since, like I have said before, only few people who know the existence of this beach. The beach itself is hidden by big cliffs that almost look like a wall that cover the beach. But who knew that, behind these cliffs, there is a beautiful beach with blue and green tosca clear water and the whitest sand on Bali island.

Every person who ever visited this beach will never forget the beauty of this beach. The calm atmosphere with the sound of the wave that hit the coral that created a heavenly sound to the ear and added the cool air makes the beach a perfect place to find peace and quiet.


Image Courtesy of Paul Greenway

All of the advantages of this beach make the tourists who come to this place, spending their time by doing activities such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, or even soak in pools created among the coral.  The wave is usually not too big, so you can safely swim or snorkeling, but there are seasons where the wave became bigger and it will take caution to swim at this beach.

If you want to visit this beach, you need to drive your vehicle towards the Padang Bai harbor in Karangasem Regency and from the harbor, you need to continue your journey on foot about 20 minutes from the harbor. The road to the beach is not an easy way to past and it may be an exhausted journey, but in the end, when you reach your destination, you will forget your effort and stunned by the beauty offered by the hidden paradise. Curious? Well, find out yourself and you will not be sorry for it. See you in paradise!

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