Bali is synonymous with many things, but probably sunset and beaches top the cake. The island’s positions of main beaches along the western coastline promise breath-taking, glorious and postcard-worthy sunset every single day. Imagine a stretch of orange sky with the extra silhouette of exotic temples in the background, or an endless view of unobstructed ocean and clear blue sky complete with the luminous and vivid collections of white clouds. Whatever you have in your imagination, Bali sunset will add to that and definitely surpasses it.

If you have a visit planned, be sure not to miss 10 of these sweet locations that will guarantee a feast for your eyes. As the sun sinks into the horizon and the sky turns crimson red, you will witness the “blue hour”- or the moment right after the sun vanishes and the sky is colored purple, blue, and soon pitch black with glimpses of twinkling stars.

1. Tanah Lot


Image Courtesy of Zexsen Xie

This iconic landmark promises one of the best sunset spots in the whole island of Bali. Tanah Lot Temple is a view of wonder where crashing waves hit the rocks and bottom of the cliffs gracefully. With ancient Hindu shrine complex among its surrounding, the golden sun slowly descends behind the horizon and the exotic silhouettes of the tiered roofs of this religious buildings will manifest before your eyes. As the shadow falls, Tanah Lot will exude magical golden colors of the sky complete with the perfect dark hues made possible only by the grace of nature.

2. Ayana Resort – The Rock Bar


Image Courtesy of Rob M

As a famous relaxation spot, visitors of this famous beach club often await the sun setting into the stomach of the earth to witness the pure wonder of nature. The flow of great cocktails further highlight the whole ambience as the bar is set on a rock formation at the cliff base of the Ayana resort. Designed to mate with nature, this bar features a remarkable setting that blends seamlessly creating a lavish ocean beach pool. Chill out and feast your heart out on the glorious sky.

3. Tegalwangi Beach


Image Courtesy of David Hendra

Travel just a few kilometres north of Rock Bar and you’ll find the Tegalwangi Beach. Still considered as one of Bali’s hidden beaches, any spot in this slice of seascapes will get you the gorgeous view of the sun setting. With towering cliffs surrounding it, go down a rocky stairs with your own drink and absorb the tranquility of the vast Indian Ocean in front of you.

4. Uluwatu Temple


Image Courtesy of Just Call Me Mo

Similar to the allure of Tanah Lot, Uluwatu temple also holds exotic value of the Bali religious traditions. With the temple shrine silhouette against the vast sky and ocean background, the temple is perched 70 metres above the cliff base making it another iconic sunset landmark. Head on to the open amphitheatre in the complex as you can enjoy a performance of Kecak dancers with the grey sky setting around you.

5. Petitenget Beach


Image Courtesy of  Dharma Zone

Seminyak’s main beach – Petitenget, features one of the best beaches in Bali. With many options to hang out around the place, you can find a spot to enjoy the sunset at a temple nearby. It is also a great idea to lounge around its many fine dining options while you wait for the sun to vanish. Head on to La Lucciola, Ku De Ta, Potato Head or other prominent high-end restaurants where soothing musics complete the wonderful ambience.

6. Kuta Beach


As one of the first popular beaches in Bali, Kuta still has its charm that appeal to plenty of travellers all around the world. Mainly Kuta is still very much sought after by surfers and other crowd. Kuta can be quite packed all throughout the day up till sunset, get a good spot anywhere and mingle with a mix of peddlers, visitors and surfers that define the true Kuta in Bali.

7. Jimbaran Bay


Image Courtesy of Fitzrie B

Jimbaran Bay is especially famous for its row of local barbeque restaurants and adjoining beach bars. All 17 of the best dining choices in Jimbaran make for a top eating activity to do while vacationing in Bali. Many of them offer chill-out spot complete with roll-out delicious menu and refreshing drinks. With your toes in the sand and drinks in your hand, surely looking at the combination of the sky and sunset will bring a relaxing sensation unlike any other.

8. Lovina Beach


Image Courtesy of Michael Sale

Sunsets in Lovina are extraordinary with smooth waves kissing the shore and sun setting in the background filled with fishing boats. It definitely makes for a picturesque view complete with the calmness of the coast and soft sounds of nature. Lovina is located up in North Bali and is a long stretch of black sand. Around it are hotels with restaurants and bars providing top notch entertainment for just every kind of visitor.

9. Echo Beach, Canggu


Image Courtesy of Catriona Ward

As one of the best surfing beaches in Bali, Echo Beach or Pantai Batu Mejan, offers 180 degree oceanic view and rolling waves. These surfers make for a panoramic addition when you are just lounging on the beach and waiting for the sun to finish its task of the day. Plenty of barbeque restaurants will begin its crackles of fire sending the heavenly aroma to tantalize guests.

10. Lembongan Island


Image Courtesy of Eulinky 

White sandy beach in a calm and peaceful island retreat, this is what Lembongan island stands out for. It’s main beach- Jungut Batu- and nearby hilly area are now developed into an upscale villa neighborhood. Overlooking this tranquil setting is the giant Bali Mount Agung on the horizon, ready to be the loyal companion for the sun to set down.

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