Bali offers a culinary ride that is exciting, exotic and absolutely delicious. With unpretentious taste and rich spices, a meal in Bali will sure to make your mouth water and make you beg for second serving, or more!

You may think that Bali food shares similar characteristics like any other dish in the South Asian region, but food in Bali have a special taste with extra flavor that is original and authentic in its own way.

So what are the foods that you simply must not miss out when you’re in Bali? Check out these 10 delicious options :

1. Banana Fritter aka Pisang Goreng


Image Courtesy of  Markus Ng

Bali has different types of banana ranging from smaller size to large ones that resemble a weapon. They all have different taste yet still distinctly sweet, so whichever variety a Balinese choose to fry a banana, these bananas will end up making a delicate and crunchy banana fritter. To make it an even more tantalizing dessert, a drip of honey or palm sugar syrup with a sprinkle of flaked coconut or ice cream will complete this heavenly sweet treat. Even if you just chance upon it on the roadside vendors, a plain pisang goreng will make your day.

2. Fried Noodle aka Mie Goreng.


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Along with fried rice, they make a staple food for many Indonesian. This creation is also suitable for any foreigner’s tongue with a stirred noodle along with fresh vegetables and a choice of pork, shrimp or chicken. It is also often served together with an egg on top, some chicken satay, prawn crackers and sauce. A small serving of pickled vegetables that are sweet, sour and tangy will complete your fried noodle experience.

3. Fried Rice aka Nasi Goreng


Image Courtesy of  shankar s.

Another version of Indonesian staple food with rice as its main ingredient, Nasi goreng is the most popular food in Bali. Whether you are having it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, you’ll be sure to get your daily fix of deliciousness. Rice is grown everywhere in Bali making it easy to access all year round. It is unlikely for you to ever get a bad taste of Nasi Goreng in Bali, because Balinese chefs and locals are so accustomed to preparing this simple comfort food.

4. Satay aka Sate


Image Courtesy of Monica Arellano-Ongpin

Bali satay is definitely different from the usual satay you’ve tried at Malaysia or any other part of Indonesia for that matter. Instead of chicken chunks, the meat is blended with variety of spices. Using a stick, usually from lemongrass, the mash of meat will then be melded through and grilled to perfection. They are famously served with peanut sauce which just adds a nice flavor to the satay.

5. Suckling Pig aka Babi Guling

Image Courtesy of Matt_Weibo
You won’t get this anywhere, as this is the trademark and famed dish in Bali. With several spice ingredients such as turmeric, lime leaves, chillies, garlic, pepper and others, the pig will be stuffed then roasted over coconut husks or wood grill until it is super crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside. This is definitely not to be missed when you are in Bali.

6. Mixed rice aka Nasi campur


Image Courtesy of Franklin Heijnen

Served with plain steamed rice, usually a portion of mixed rice is completed with small portion of vegetables and a piece of meat or fish. There are many food stalls that sell nasi campur and all boast different flavor and taste. Do not think that they are all similar, instead try the many varieties that may come your way.

7. Smoked duck aka Bebek Betutu.


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Another unique Balinese dish, the duck is also prepared and stuffed with a range of spices then smoked after being embalmed in a palm leaf or nut bark. The cooking requires half day’s work, so make sure you call for more information.

8. Rice Table Mini Rijsttafel


You guessed it right, this is a Dutch word that means “rice table”. Think of it as a communal meal that is meant to be shared with your family or friends. This dish is a colonial heritage that keeps gaining popularity among tourists who visit Bali. When you order this meal, the servant will roll out many dishes at one time. From the smoked duck, chicken with chilli sauce, prawn, satays, mixed vegetables,potatoes as well as yellow rice in a shape of cone or nasi tumpeng.

9. Spring rolls


Image Courtesy of jeffreyw

One more crunchy treat that is deep fried with a vegetables and mince meat filling, namely spring rolls. Served with peanut sauce or chilli sauce, this is a fun yet yummy dish suitable for everyone.

10. Gado- gado


Imagine a plate of vegetable salad that is fresh and offers you crunchy sweet bites. On top of it, is a classic peanut sauce that is warm and adds a whole new flavor to the mix. Among the vegetables that are lettuce and spinach, there are also potatoes, long beans, egg, corn and bean sprouts plus tofu, tempe and cucumber.

Be sure to try this Gado- gado that is widespread all over Bali, from the side of the road stalls to upscale restaurants.

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