It won’t take a long time to convince someone of the beauty in Bali’s beaches. The remarkable Bali’s beaches has long been on one of the top list of best beaches in the world. Sought after by many worldwide travellers, Bali’s beaches are known for its stretches of white idyllic beach, crystal clear sea water, excellent waves for surfing and the sunsets unlike any other places.

There are many types of beach in Bali with its own unique features and the surrounding conditions. With these variety, there is sure to be something for everyone. So, whether you are a surfer, a big family with kids or someone who loves suntan, Bali has got it all for you.

Check out the list of 10 best beaches in Bali :

1. Nusa Dua Beach


Image Courtesy of LWYang

Surrounded by many upscale hotels, Nusa Dua is a paradise in its own way, Rich with lush flowers, plants and trees, this beach is also completed with wild mangroves, fragrant trees and orchids amidst clear blue ocean and rolling golden sand. If you are a swimmer, this is just the place for you as the currents and waves are quite friendly. Snorkeling will be fruitful as the water is absolutely crystal clear. If you are looking to surf, go to the south or north part for a more fun and challenging waves.

2. Kuta Beach

Image Courtesy of Kai Lehmann

One of the most popular beaches in Bali is the Kuta beach. It is especially famous for its higher and stronger currents, which is why surfers are almost everywhere as far as the eye can see when you are at the Kuta beach.This creates a chill vibe and energy of social community, which makes it special and entertaining in its own way. Drink and party are a part of Kuta Beach in its many bars and beach clubs. One being the Hard Rock Cafe Bali which is a must if you are looking for a fun night out

3. Sanur Beach


Image Courtesy of The 3B’s

Head on to south of Bali to visit Sanur beach. Its long stretch of golden sand is further highlighted by the presence of small corals along the way. This makes it a sought after place for those who fancy a walk on a beautiful beach while collecting sea shells for remembrance. The waves are calm and welcoming for swimmers. The clear blue sea will offer you clear glimpse of sea creatures such as starfish or sea turtles. Definitely a place for all to enjoy.

4. Balangan Beach


Image Courtesy of  alex hanoko

Still on the least of the least explored beaches in Bali, there are only few visitors from the mainstream tour groups. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for a secret hideaway or privacy. The location of this beach is just across Uluwatu, where local villages will go about their daily activities in the villages. However, Balangan is not quite suitable for swimming because the currents can be rather strong with high waves. When the tide is low, you will enjoy a nice stroll while the waves caress your feet.

5. Geger Beach

geger beach

Image Courtesy of  Jørn Eriksson

With its idyllic white sand that glimmers under the sun and calmer sea, Geger Beach is another perfect beach for almost anyone. Located from the highway on the way to Nusa Dua, this beach is also famous for its lively seaweed farming activity. With plenty of cafes around the coastal area, you can enjoy having all types of meal with your loved ones or even a drink or two. Do watch out for stronger waves at night time, instead, take a long stroll up to the temple at the end of the beach.

6. Bias Tugal (Tugel) Beach


Image Courtesy of Paul Greenway

Locals nickname this as Pantai Kecil or little beach, while the travelers call it the white sand beach and it still remains as one of the best hidden beach in Bali. Tucked away near Padangbai, Tugel Beach is quite remote and can only be reached after a 500 metre trek down a rocky pathway. The effort needed will worth your while as you arrive to the sight of endless stretch of white sand and sparkling crystal sea water complete with the majestic coconut trees. It’s best for lounging and sun-tanning as the currents are strong and not exactly suitable for beginner swimmers.

7. Padang-Padang Beach


Image Courtesy of  Mark Doliner

Adjacent to Uluwatu temple, Padang Padang is a stunning beach surrounded with big rocks and overgrown plants. You will have to pass through the narrow passage downwards and do pay attention to the steep steps leading to this hidden location. Huge rocks and small caves make it ideal for exploration with a short swim across the distance. Just watch out for sharp corals and sea urchins underneath. It is also the shooting place for the famous Eat, Pray, Love so the charm and beauty is obvious in here.

8. Lovina Beach


Image Courtesy of  Jumilla

Located in the north of Bali, Lovina is a black sandy beach that was once the spilled cool lava from the Mount Agung. Low waves and calm sea dominate the ocean making it a haven for swimmers. It is also quite peaceful and is yet to be overcrowded by pack of tourists, so for those looking for tranquil or solitary moments, this is just the beach for you. Don’t miss out on its sunrise where dolphins are often seen playing at Lovina sea.

9. Nyang Nyang Beach


Image Courtesy of Andrey B

Located at Nusa Dua, this is yet another secret beach in Bali. You will have to make an uphill climb and then downhill to a street passing through a small forest to finally get there. It also boasts a local seaweed harvesting activity by the locals. With white sandy beach and crystal clear blue sea, swimming is especially a delight during low tide. However, with the effort needed to reach it and the slippery moss-filled steps, this will not be the ideal place for children. For adults, you will need to prepare insects repellent to protect you during the walk in the forest

10. Dream beach in Nusa Lembongan


Image Courtesy of Aussie Assault

Just 7 km out of Bali’s sea lies a small island called Lembongan with its famous Dream Beach. Serenity and tranquility is its main feature where the waves from sea lap on long sandy beach. Filled with big rocks and small vegetation, travellers will have the best time exploring the surrounding area. Nusa Lembongan is yet to be developed fully which is a plus because the authenticity and natural aspects will shine throughout your journey.

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