The Batukaru temple is located in the Wongaya Gede village, Penebel district, Tabanan, Bali. The temple is located around 42 km to the west of Denpasar city or about 1 hour drive from Denpasar. The meaning of the Batukaru is “coconut shell” which is the name of the mountain, The Batukaru mountain, where this temple was built. The Batukaru mountain itself is the second highest mountain in Bali after the Agung mountain, with the height of 2278 above the sea level.

batukaru temple tabanan

The Batukaru temple is located 700 meters above the sea level and was built around the 11 century by the order of Mpu Kuturan or also known as Mpu Rajakerta, in the time of the Raja Kembar Sri Masula-Masuli rule in Bali. The temple had then expanded by the order of Arya Kenceng and his descendants that rule the Badung Kingdom and Tabanan Kingdom afterward.

The Batukaru temple also considered as one of the six most important temples in Bali. The other temples are Uluwatu temple, Pusering Jagat temple, Besakih temple, Goa Lawah temple, and the Lempuyang luhur temple. Not only that, but the Batukaru temple is also one of the 4 temples located in the 4 winds, while the other are Puncak Mangu temple (in the north), Lempuyang temple (in the east), and Pura Andakasa (in the south).


In the Batukaru temple, if you are lucky and happen to be in Batukaru temple, there is a unique ceremony that will not be found in other temples. The ceremony is called as Marebu Kulak. This ceremony can only be followed by the newly wed Pekandelan people. At first, this newly wed couple must pray at the Pengakan Pasek temple, then they have to step up and down the stairs in Bale Agung. If one of the couple is not complete, for example, because the wife is pregnant, then she must be replaced by her family member. There is a believe in this place, that children who has not loose their baby teeth, must not enter the temple yard because they will scream with no reason like the accident that happen in 2002.  Nevertheless, it is a great place to see and feel the ancient atmosphere in this place that will touch you to the very core of yourself. Enjoy the trip!

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