The Batuan temple is considered as the oldest temple in Bali Island. This temple was designed with Balinese ornaments and the roof was made from the fiber of the coconut tree with black color. The temple location is strategic, which is on the side of the main road that connected Denpasar to Ubud. For over than a thousand of year, Batuan has transformed into the artist and craftsmen village, old legend, and also mysterious stories.


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The Batuan temple was built in the year of 944 Isaka or 1020 AD. Almost 1000 years old, this temple can be categorized as Puseh temple according to the concept of “Tri Kahyangan or Tri Murti”. This is also makes this temple as the oldest temple in Bali island.

The Tri Murti is the teaching that taught to the local people in the 10th century. The Tri Murti includes 3 temples which are the Village temple, Puseh temple, and Dalem temple. The Village temple is for worshiping the Brahma gods (the creator), the Puseh Temple is for worshiping the Wisnu gods (the caretaker), while the Dalem temple is for worshiping the Siwa gods (the destroyer).


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In this Batuan temple, you can see an ancient building called Wantilan, this place was used as a meeting room and practice every kind of dance of Bali as Gambuh Dance, Pendet, etc. Before you enter the temple there were some local people in Wantilan will lend ‘Kamben’ (traditional costumes Bali). This is a must for you to wear ‘Kamben Bali’ to show respect and honor of the sacredness “Puseh Stone Temple of Village”. It’s all free, you will not be charged for admission. However, local people expect any tourist visiting this temple can donate the amount of money to support the maintenance of the temple. There is provided a simple donation box. Every donation you give should be based on a sense of sincerity, where the Balinese know it was called “Medana punia”. The temple also provides a spacious parking lot, so that the tourists will easily find a parking place for their vehicles while visiting this place.


Image Courtesy of nadiology

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