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Another popular dance from Bali is the Barong Dance. If you ever been to Bali, you must have heard this dance besides the Kecak dance. The Barong Dance is the Bali traditional dance from Hindu culture. The dance itself is telling us the story of a battle between the good (dharma) and the evil (adharma). The good was described as Barong which is played by the dancer that uses a 4 leg animal costume while the evil was described as Rangda which is played by the dancer with scary costume that has 2 sharp fangs in its mouth.

What makes the Barong Dance unique and also amazing is that this dance is combining the myth and history together that will make us imagining the whole story in our head while watching the show. According to the dancer, the mask of Barong and the mask of Rangda are very sacred items. So, in order to use these sacred items, they must use a holy water by sprinkling it on top of the masks before they are used for the show. The holy water itself was taken from the Agung Mountain.

Barong Dance Bali

There are several type of Barong dance in Bali such as Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal, Barong Asu, Barong Gajah, etc. But the most famous Barong is the Barong Ket. You can also see the similarities between Barong Ket with Barongsai from China. The Barong Dance show a lot of side such as comedy side and also mythology side but the story is still about the fight between Barong and Rangda.

There are several places that held the Barong Dance performance such as in Gianyar district and also in Batubulan village. But the most famous place to watch the Barong Dance in Bali is at Batubulan village. The Barong dance performed from 19.30 local time at Ubud Dalem Temple or from 9.30 am local time at Batubulan Village.

To reach the Batubulan village, you can travel by car that took about 45 minutes from Nusa Dua or only 10 minutes from Denpasar. If not by car, you can also use the public transportation to reach the Batubulan Village.

Image Courtesy of Bertrand DUPERRIN

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