See Wild Animals at Bali Zoo Park :

If you were wondering what kind of other activities that you can do while you are in Bali besides swimming or surfing, Well, I’ve got an answer for that question. You can play with animals and see wild animals in the Bali Zoo Park. Bali as one of the main tour destinations in Indonesia has so many interesting places that you can visit, and one of them is the Bali Zoo Park. Your visit to Bali Island will not complete if you have not visited this place.


The Bali Zoo Park is located in the Singapadu village in Gianyar district, Bali Island. This place is also near to another tourist attraction in Bali, which is the Bali Bird Park. You can get to the Bali Zoo Park using a vehicles or public transportation from Denpasar which will took about 20 minutes travel or from 45 minutes from Kuta.

This Bali Zoo Park was built on top of 3.5 hectare natural habitat. The zoo extended for about 3000 square meters with high trees and grass that recreate the original habitat of the animal inside the zoo. You can see so many animals in this place such as mammals, primates, deer, camel, kangaroo, Sumatra tiger, parrot, peacock, lions, etc.They even have endangered species in order to preserve the species and to give lessons to the next generation and also to keep the species away from extinction.


Since operated in 2002, the Bali Zoo Park has been collected around 350 endangered species consisting of 60% bird species and 30% mammals. After the fun travel in the zoo, you can eat and relax in the restaurant that can be found inside the zoo that capable to accommodate around 300 people. This restaurant served menus such as seafood, western food, or even the vegetarian menu. The restaurant also features Balinese dance such as Legong, Kecak Dance, or even Joged Bungbung dance.

Image Courtesy of Richard Wasserman & David DeHetre

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