The panorama of Bali is as breathtaking as it is picturesque, which makes it the perfect location for any photography lover. With its great stretch of landscapes, seascapes as far as the eye can see and iconic landmarks, making it easy to create a postcard-like result. Besides offering the splendid visual feasts, Bali’s climate is also highly ideal with its mostly sunny all year round weather. With the gorgeous blue-sky as the backdrop with streaks of clear white clouds alternating into stunning orange as the sun is setting, Bali is guaranteed to bring out the best in your photography skills.

Along with its exotic temples in famous spots such as Tanah Lot to the flowing padi fields in the mid-west side of the island, Bali is filled with plenty of photography objects. Explore the island’s natural features where the idyllic surrounding areas promises you sceneries of flawless natural beauty.

1. Tanah Lot


Whether you’re planning to shoot during the day or as the sunset creeps in, The Tanah Lot sea temple is impressive at any time. Unmistakably Bali, Tanah Lot has become one of the top tourist destinations in Bali, including photography enthusiasts. In addition to the extraordinary exotic temples among the crashing waves, the cultural offerings by the locals and visitors put another highlight worth a capture or two.

The terrain might make it a little challenging to put the whole beauty into frame. It is advisable to watch your steps among the rocks of Tanah Lot, especially with the usually packed crowd. Head on to anywhere along the cliff which offers great shooting points.

2. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces


Image Courtesy of american_rugbier

The lush view of green in Jatiluwih Rice Terraces is a panoramic view unlike any other. Rice fields are stretch along the slopes of Mount Batukaru and over the village of Wangaya giving you an endless jewel green carpet of nature. Prepare to frame this outstanding beauty while relaxing and admiring the nature in one of the local restaurants nearby.

3. Ulun Danu Beratan


If you are looking to give the iconic and overwhelmingly crowded Tanah Lot a rest, head on to the next best thing – Ulun Danu Beratan. Similar to Tanah Lot, this is another of Bali’s most iconic temple landmark situated on a lakeside up in the central highlands. The location of this remarkable beauty is comprised of 1 mini temple complex and another larger complex on the drier grounds. During high tide, you will be presented with a dramatic floating temple emerging amid the thick mists giving out the magical aura. Best tip to prepare for a great shot is heading there during low tide and set up your gear while waiting for the tide to rise. The result definitely will worth the effort.

4. Jimbaran beaches


Image Courtesy of Fitzrie B

Jimbaran has a strip of popular beaches that are easily accessible and make for a great shooting location, especially during sunsets. It is also famous for its dining spots where the local collection of famous seafood barbeque cafes and beach club offer the best eating options. With the settings of tables overlooking a wide main stretch of sand, one may get the best angles of Jimbaran bay right on the seat of your cozy table. If you are eager t o explore more, head up further south to Tegalwangi Beach to get great angles from both the base on the sand and up on the cliff. You may also find Balangan and Dreamland which are also popular beaches in the area.

5. Amed


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Placed in the east side of Bali, take a change of view by devouring in the stunning sunrises Amed has to offer. With curving bayland, Amed is a seascape featuring treats of colors from boats with the outline of Mount Agung as its majestic background. During certain times of the day, especially in the morning, fishing boats with different shapes and sizes will cruise along making wonderful objects to frame. Get on to the several upside hills around the coast of Amed to give you the full angles of the curving bay and Mount Agung.

6. Seminyak Beach


Image Courtesy of Matthew Kenwrick

With Petitenget as its main beach, Seminyak is a photographer’s paradise with white sands beneath your toes and as far as your eyes can see. As the tides get calmer and lower, a mirror-like surface where the water once covers will emerge for the ultimate relaxation pleasure. When the sky is blue, white clouds are speckled making a giant flawless canvas. During sunset, the beauty will turn dark blue and golden with silhouettes at dusk. Head over to La Lucciola restaurant to absorb the view and roam freely with your camera on hand.

7. Campuhan Ridge

campuhan-ridge-walk-photographyImage Courtesy of Tom Roeleveld

A panoramic green valley in Ubud can be found at the Campuhan Ridge. As soon as you arrive, the majestic Gunung Lebah Temple will come to sight. Tracking along the hill track, the vast views will make for amazing photography materials. As you get to the peak of the ridge, a 360- degree bird’s eye view will give you the endless shooting possibilities, all with wonderful results.

8. Munduk


Image Courtesy of Thiery 

Getting to Munduk requires a little bit of time and effort as it is quite remotely located further up in north Bali. However, as you witness the true beauty of the panoramic ridge from the northern edge of Bedugul Highland, it is apparent why Munduk makes the top 10 list. Overlooking two sides of the valley with vast stretch of green paddy fields and other plantations, It also features a waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. No wonder, it is one of the all-time favorite spots for pre wedding pictures.

9. Uluwatu


Image Courtesy of Sunova Surfboards

Enjoying the beauty of the calm Uluwatu during the day especially from the upside cliffs will enable you some amazing shots of these sea temples. Walk along as you approach an amphitheatre that is unique and grand in its own way. It serves as a function hall for Kecak fire dance that is performed regularly during sunsets. The exotic and fiery dancers will make for great models while the background promises the aura of natural power.Get on top of the theatre seats to secure the best shots of dancing fires.

10. Nusa Penida Island


Image Courtesy of gcnmrk5ii

Another wonderful seascapes where shallow coasts meet with crystal clear waters, which you can find just southeast of the mainland. Locate Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan and get onto one of the cliffs to get the dramatic views of exotic beaches and unobstructed views of the sun setting in the horizon. Popular beaches in this area are namely : Mushroom Bay, Jungut Batu, Crystal Bay and Sunset Point.

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