made_bali_traveloWhen tourists come to Bali island, especially the foreign ones, they will be looking for Bali Tour Guides. In looking for a tour guide, they will usually be enquiring about the license and the price of the licensed Bali tour guide. As we all know that, a tour guide will be a companion for the tourists while they are exploring the island, and even though there are so many tourists that also come from a country that do not use English as their daily language, such as Korea, Japan or China, but most tour guides in Bali can speak English and only a few that master other languages.
These tour guides will usually act each as a friend along the trip and will also act as a translator as well as a mediator to help you negotiate for a low price on items that you want to buy. The price for hiring a licensed tour guide in Bali usually ranges from 2500.000 rupiah to 450.000 rupiah a day. But for a tour guide that specializes in other languages, the price is more expensive, which ranges from half a million to one million a day.
Bali Travelo is an experienced driver service originating from a team of drivers that speak English fluently. Even though our drivers have no license as a tour guide, but they are friendly, a good companion and also a very good negotiator. Since there are some limited authorizations, there are certain places where we, for the reason, are made hindered to accompany you. But the most important thing is that we master the knowledge of every tourist attraction in Bali, from the history and the uniqueness of every visited place in just as a proper, easy-to-understand languange.

The benefit that you will get if you decide to hire our driver service is that you get what you pay for and do not need to pay for any extra fees for our service. The payment will include the car, a driver that is capable of speaking English, gasoline, tax, the fee for parking and the expense for driver’s meal and drink.

Choosing our service, you will save a lot of your money since the licensed guide’s price is higher than us, but the service quality of Bali Travelo is better than the others. So, why wasting more money for a qualified service if you can get one here at Bali Travelo at a reasonably cheap price? Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best tour guide in Bali.

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