Bali has probably never been the choice when you plan to take your little ones for a fun trip. We are here to prove you wrong as we’ve compiled 10 of the best things you can do with your kids in Bali :

1. Ubud


Agro-Tourism in Ubud is a family friendly type of vacation, which means children and adult will enjoy getting into Balinese jungle and get in touch with nature. Animal feeding will be one of the highlights for your kids as the adults absorb the perfect combination of plants and animals of many species. Visitors are often served with coffee and tea for refreshments while the kids can get to know Luwak or civet that is involved in picking and digesting coffee beans.

2. Monkey Forest


Image Courtesy of mararie

Bali is a home to a lot of monkeys and Monkey Forest is the perfect choice for when you want to visit these little animals. Entrance fee is cheap and don’t forget to purchase some bananas before you start your adventure. The monkeys are relatively safe so don’t fret when they approach you for some meal. Kids will be sure to enjoy meeting their new friends..

3. Temples everywhere

uluwatu temple
Image Courtesy of Steve Davidson

While they might look similar, temples in Bali all are quite distinctive in their own ways. The one temple that is truly unique is Uluwatu, which hosts plenty of monkeys and has an open amphitheater for Kecak fire dance. Prior to entry, you and your kids will be asked to don a sash and sarong. You may also buy flowers and other offerings to present inside the temple. Getting to introduce all this culture can be a fun thing to do with your kids.

4. Shopping at Kuta Beach


The shopping centre at the Beach Walk- Kuta is an enjoyable experience you must not miss out. It offers very trendy and upscale collections of fashionable items and many other things. The architecture itself is simply mesmerizing and very detailed. The variety of food is also endless, leaving you and your kids in a hefty number of choices and options. Plenty of the food court area also offers playground for them to venture like. There’s also an entire floor that’s dedicated to children’s fun and that is Miniapolis, a complete game area for your kids.

5. Pirates Adventure

pirates-bay-nusa-dua-Pirates Bay at Nusa Dua serves excellent dinner as well as Pirate Camp packages for kids who are looking to spend a day as a pirate. It also has many other fun and exciting activities such as kite building, treasure hunt and zip lining. Let your kids explore and roam free while channeling their inner adventurers while you get to relax and enjoy the beautiful place.


6. Bali Safari & Marine Park

Bali Safari Marine ParkJust from the heading you will know that this is the place to visit when you’re in Bali. Bali Safari & Marine Park has all the things you and your kids can enjoy in one location. Ride on elephants and enjoy birds watching as well as visiting over 300 species of animals.

7. Waterbom Waterpark


Have a little daredevil on hand? Head on to Waterbom Waterpark which has the best collections of rides, slides and pools for everyone. Your kids will certainly enjoy spending hours splashing wet while you can have some R&R yourself. Sun-tanning,massages and fish spa are just a few things you can do while your kids are having a blast themselves.

8. Bali TreeTop


Unleash your inner Tarzans and Janes at Bali TreeTop, a zip lining park that is suitable for all ages. There is a car circuit for kids as young as 4 years old and a more challenging one for teenagers and adults. This place is located in the outskirts of Bali but definitely worth the visit with your kids in tow.

9. Jimbaran Bay

jimbaran-bayYou and your family will be very likely have at least one dinner at Jimbaran Bay. This is a very popular dining spot with seafood grill and other food choices presented on the dinner table overlooking the vast ocean. The view and atmosphere is simply divine, especially if you are looking at it with a glass of refreshing drinks on hand. Kids will surely love to roam free on the beach while waiting for the service to roll out their meals.

10. Bali dance.


Image Courtesy of Anna & Michal

Usually lasts for less than one hour, Bali dance performance is everywhere in Bali. It reflects the Balinese Hindu culture and is definitely something you should see with your family. Impressive and loud, it features a storyline that is full with dramatic scenes, fierce dances and traditional musical instruments. The costumes that the dance troupe wear are also something of a wonder.


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