For newlyweds, choosing Bali as the honeymoon destination can be the smartest decision you make. Romance is thick in the air as the island will spoil you and your couple with the charm of novelty, cultures and history. With its notably romantic and beautiful beaches, seas, rice fields and mountain views, the choices are endless and bound to make a memory that lasts a lifetime.

To get the best honeymoon in Bali, try 10 of our selections of best honeymoon ideas that are definitely worth trying :

1. Balinese Massage and Spa


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Indulge in a spa as a couple is an exciting yet relaxing experience. Bali has a collection of best spa and massage parlors that are reputable and can do wonder to your body. Loosen up and let your stress melt away in the hands of professional masseuse where plenty of pampering spa & massage package will put you two in the best of mood for the entire holiday.

2. Romantic dinners



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In Bali, there will be no shortage of dining alternatives. Whether you decide to wine and dine under the moonlight by the seaside, or having a candlelight dinners surrounded by the nature with sunset in the background to having a special time dining in a cave complete with starlit sky out front. Don’t miss out on the famous Jimbaran bay which despite its packed crowd, will still exude the romantic aura. Also, the SeaSalt restaurant provides a wonderful and romantic dinner by the floating lotus pond.

3. Bali Cruise


Surrounded by the seascapes, it’s time to take the chance to go on Bali cruise for leisure. This may sound touristy, but a cruise experience in Bali is perfectly ideal for honeymooners. The crystal clear water shares the matching blue with the sky above and this combination will follow you as you set sail to explore on remote islands. Before heading home, enjoy a sunset dinner on the cruise and cuddle underneath the starlit sky above.

4. Enjoy natural hot springs.


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Honeymoon is all about laid-back activities, and what better ways to relax than getting an indulging dip in the Banjar hot spring. With 2 main pools of uninterrupted gush of warm sulphur water through the mouths of the dragon surrounded by a green and rich tropical garden. Soaking in natural hot springs with your couple will make you feel like royalty, long after you’ve dried yourselves up.

5. The coffee experience. 


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Awaken your senses by visiting to the Agra coffee plantation for coffee tasting. The tranquil and peaceful setting of this place will remove your concept of rushing against time as you relax with a cuppa while overlooking the stretch of coffee plantations. You and your spouse will also be able to enjoy the unique process of Luwak coffee in the making. The adorable civet cats will make your while, so this is definitely a must especially for coffee lovers.

6. The picturesque rice terraces


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Bali’s rice terraces holds the reputation of being as one of the candidate for World’s Heritage for best Cultural Landscape. Needless to say, the view of the rice fields, villages around and plantation will be breathtaking. Do some light trekking together to witness the dramatic view and surround yourselves with the wonderful nature of rice terraces, local warmth and tropical breeze.

7. Bicycle adventure


Explore the island by renting out bicycles. Riding through the quiet village of the ricefields, plantation and small village roads can be a truly rewarding experience. Ask for the direction from the rental service and get a map ready. You may get lost together, but it will be for all the good reasons.

8. Beach time


Frolic in the beach as you relax in the many beautiful beaches of Bali. Do some sun-tanning while lounging with a refreshing drink on the stand by. Choose from the long list of best beaches in Bali which will give you all the features you need, from meeting fellow honeymooners in the more popular beaches to getting a private time on secret beaches like Nyang Nyang beach.

9. Cooking session


Time to get your hands dirty in one of Balinese cooking lessons available. You and your lover will learn to make authentic Balinese food for each other. Adventure starts by going to the traditional market together to get the local ingredients and you can have some competitions on how well each of you fare by the end of the session.

10. Top tourist attractions

Get some research done on the best places to visit. It will be a long list but to start, you may browse through our collection of articles on the all-ins to Bali. Temples, beaches, hot tourist spots and even sunset locations and iconic landmarks, be sure to enjoy all of this worthy sightseeing before saying goodbye to Bali.



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